This site contains erotic literature that explores the themes of Male Domination, Female Domination and BDSM activities.  If you have, perchance, strayed here by mistake, then you may prefer not to explore any further.  If you have an open mind, and are genuinely curious then please feel free to explore.

If you’re looking for erotic images or videos then you will be disappointed because there are none on this site.

Stanley Jeffries is the pen name I use for Female Domination literature.

Marcus Andrews is the pen name I use for Male Domination literature.

You are also welcome to browse through my free stories, and to give me your comments and feedback.


A free MaleDom Ebook I created for fans of Marcus Andrews.  Please feel free to share the download link with your friends, but don’t forward the file directly because I’d really like to keep track of how many people are downloading it.

It’s only available in EPUB format – if you need to convert it I would suggest checking out Calibre.

Download it

Janes Afternoon Fantasy - Cover Art



The Apprentice Dominatrix is now available from Pink Flamingo here.


Note – I promised my readers of this book a free “sequel” to the book.  I’m just working out some issues with this story and I’ll publish it in the next couple of weeks (my target is the end of January 2015).