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Learn to write dialog properly

Goodness me, how presumptuous is this title — who am I to preach about writing dialog properly?  Let me tell you something for sure; if you don’t write your dialog properly your manuscript will be returned.  If you’re very lucky … Continue reading

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The dreaded staccato sentence!!!

As you pour out your heart you need to resist writing in short sentences…or “staccato sentences”, as I think of them because they tend to disrupt the flow, and can become tiring to read.  More importantly, if you intend to … Continue reading

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The Rise of Sexual Kinkiness

When I was a kid, which was a long time ago sadly, the opportunity to see a girl wearing some sort of fetish clothing was a rare occurrence indeed.  In fact it was only on TV, on shows such as … Continue reading

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Why do I have two pen names?

This is a bit marginal as a “writing tip”, but it was an interesting question that Robert Anthony asked when he interviewed me for his blog. Basically I’m turned on by a lot of stuff…both Male and Female Domination.  As it … Continue reading

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