The Rise of Sexual Kinkiness

When I was a kid, which was a long time ago sadly, the opportunity to see a girl wearing some sort of fetish clothing was a rare occurrence indeed.  In fact it was only on TV, on shows such as The Kenny Everett Video Show, where I’d catch a glimpse of a PVC catsuit, or a pair of thigh length boots.

But today fetish clothing is everywhere.  Even on a breakfast show, we see the lovely Emily Vancamp wearing a figure-hugging black leather mini dress.  She and the hosts actually talk about the fact that it’s leather and it’s clear the guy is impressed – as was I!

So does that have an unintended consequence?

It wasn’t until I was nineteen that I revealed by kinky side to my girlfriend of the time.  But my level of kink at the time meant that I was more than happy for her to wear stockings and suspenders (garter belt).  To me that was “kinky”, and she didn’t feel threatened by my request.

Today, if young girls are strutting around the disco floor in black liquid leggings and corset tops, how much kinkier does it have to get before it’s really “kinky”?

For men and women getting into the fetish scene today is it harder (because the kink boundary is higher) or easier (because fetish clothing is so much more available and acceptable)?

We even see bondage and domination in regular TV and movie scenes these days — we don’t have to resort to “specialized” movies for that anymore.





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