Why do I have two pen names?

This is a bit marginal as a “writing tip”, but it was an interesting question that Robert Anthony asked when he interviewed me for his blog.

Basically I’m turned on by a lot of stuff…both Male and Female Domination.  As it happened the first story that Pink Flamingo, my publisher, accepted was a FemDom story – it was Book 1 of the Journey into Chastity series – and I published it under the name Stanley Jeffries.

A while later I finished a MaleDom story, called “The Slow Seduction of Claire MacDonald”.  Since I was clearly going to keep writing FemDom material, Pink Flamingo advised me to keep the two genres separate by choosing a different pen name.

So if, like me, you like to write about different aspect of sexual exploration, you might like to keep those stories focused on that genre by choosing an appropriate pen name.

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