Marcus Andrews

Marcus Andrews is the pen name I use for my Male Domination (over Females) books.  Right now I have just one of these published, “The Slow Seduction of Claire MacDonald”.  Note that there is no male homosexual content, but there are references to lesbian sex.  All of the other sex scenes are heterosexual.

You can purchase my MaleDom books through the Erotic Book Network website.


Download a free copy of my new Marcus Andrews short story – Jane’s Afternoon Fantasy.

Janes Afternoon Fantasy - Cover Art

“Jane is a happily married lady who has a secret fantasy; she wants to be dominated by her loving husband, Tim.   The problem is that after fifteen years she knows Tim too well, and she really can’t picture him as the ‘Evil Master’ type.

Despite this, Jane and Tim explore some of their erotic fantasies, and Jane increasingly craves for the chance to live out her most interesting scenes.

As a caring and logical husband Tim does the only thing he can do to keep his wife happy – he calls upon his friend, Simon.

In one torrid afternoon Jane discovers what it means to be turned into a slave, and finds out just how far her husband is willing to go to make sure her darkest dreams are made real.”