Making Plans for Nigel: Chapter 02

Sunday finally arrived, and Andrea was brimming with excitement. It was noon – hours before Nigel was due to arrive – when she found herself standing in front of the “kinky” section of her wardrobe, wondering what she should wear that evening.
It had been years since she’d worn any of this stuff. She ran her fingers over various PVC and leather garments, remembering the hours of pleasure she and Sam had enjoyed together. Would her outfits even fit anymore? Actually she was in better shape now than ever. She took two fitness classes a week, she was involved in a lot of activities at school, and she played tennis most weekends. Yes, all this stuff would still fit her, but she could have some fun trying it on anyway!
She had no idea what Nigel’s specific fantasies would be – she’d asked him to write them down and bring them tonight. Until then she could only guess – but he was a 25 year old submissive male; to say he’d be easy to predict would be an understatement!
He’d obviously taken a fancy to her pencil skirts. She liked to wear them sometimes for school because it gave her the chance to look sexy, but businesslike at the same time. Hmmm. Her favorite kinky outfits were her catsuits – she had three or four different ones. What about pencil skirts? Oh yes! She had a rather nice, slinky black one. It was made from a stretch, leather-look PVC and it was perfect; clingy, but with a bit of give in it so she could walk – and being PVC it was easy to wipe clean!
And Nigel had compared her to Marylyn Monroe! He was talking about her body shape, of course. Her hair wasn’t blonde; it was an auburn color that Sam always loved – especially in the summer when she got those natural highlights from playing tennis in the sun.
What would Marylyn team up with the skirt? Maybe a plain, white silky blouse. Oh yes, this one with the cuffs that turned back from her wrist. She could wear her short black, kid leather gloves, and this wide, black leather belt. Black sheer, seamed stocking and suspenders. And how about shoes? Should it be court shoes, or ankle boots? Or her pair of black patent leather Oxfords with the five inch heel. They were absolutely perfect for the evil school teacher look! They killed her feet, but somehow she didn’t think she’d be doing much walking today!
Andrea quickly checked the clothes to see that they fitted. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. The skirt was even sexier than she remembered. God it felt so good! She shuddered with anticipation, knowing that there was no way she could allow Nigel to even touch her yet. Surely not this early in the relationship – she had to ease him in slowly and keep him on the edge of frustration. She reluctantly undressed and placed her chosen garments on a couple of coat hangers.
She really couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt this excited – she could remember many such times before Sam died, but that was a different time in her life. Should she feel guilty about Nigel? She knew immediately that Sam would never want her to turn down an opportunity like this. Because he died so suddenly he’d never had the chance to tell her as much, but she knew if she’d been the one who’d died, there was no way she’d want Sam to miss out on…happiness. She almost thought of the word “love”; but that was silly. What she felt about Nigel was just a physical thing. Well, perhaps it was mental too; they were clearly both in tune with the idea of a sub/Dom relationship. But love? That was so premature, and given the fourteen year age difference, so totally unlikely. Nigel was rather good looking though; and so sweet too. If she could have a short affair with him, that would be enough. Maybe she could help him find a girl closer to his own age who’d understand him? Yes; that would be the sensible thing to do.
Andrea shook her head to break out of the daydream. It was 12.45 – hours to go yet. Screw it! She’d go to the gym. There was a two o’clock aerobics class, and then she could have a nice relaxing sauna.

Nigel arrived on the very dot of six o’clock. Andrea opened the door and was amused to see his jaw drop when he noticed what she was wearing. She’d pulled her hair back into a gentle pony tail and tucked it up into a large, black clip. The effect was sexy, but slightly severe at the same time.
“Hello Nigel,” she said brightly, “it’s so lovely to see you – please come in.”
She turned and led him into the lounge. She knew his eyes would be locked on her backside as it swayed in the tight PVC pencil skirt. Her heels clicked on the hall tiles, and she could hear the swishing sound of her stockings as she walked. In her gloved right hand she held a short, black riding crop – she tapped it on her thigh as she walked. Nigel hadn’t even said a word yet…yes, this was going very nicely.
She’d already brought a single dining room chair into the lounge and had placed it in the center of the room. Andrea now sat down on it and gestured with the crop for Nigel to stand in front of her. He was carrying a small, gift-wrapped box in one hand, and an A4 sized binder in the other. Andrea noticed that he was rather nicely dressed – this must be closer to his regular wardrobe. He obviously “dressed down” for school to hide the fact he was from such a wealthy family, but tonight he wore a very expensive looking black cashmere blazer and designer jeans; and underneath the blazer was a pale grey polo neck sweater. The belt buckle was a discrete Christian Dior logo. His shoes were black leather loafers – they looked Italian. He’d obviously visited the barbers because his dark brown hair was perfectly groomed. He smelled good too, without being overpowering. She didn’t recognize the cologne, but it was something special.
“Err,” he began, hesitantly. “I…I bought you something, Mrs. Wallace – a present.” He held out the gift wrapped box. “I wanted to thank you for being so understanding the other night.”
Andrea looked at the box curiously. It was so thoughtful of him – just like him actually; he’d always been so open and generous with all the staff at school. Everyone liked Nigel.
“You know I will never say anything about Friday don’t you, Nigel?” Andrea didn’t want Nigel doing this because he was afraid. “I don’t care what you do, or whatever happens between us. It’s forgotten. You don’t have to bribe me, or ever be worried that I’ll tell on you. It would be my word against yours anyway; there’s no evidence.”
Nigel smiled.
“I know you’d never blackmail me, Mrs. Wallace – and I’d trust you with my life. You’re a good person – I knew that from the moment I met you. This really is just a thank you; from me to you.”
Andrea pressed her jaws together to try and stem the feeling of emotion that was threatening to well up – what he’d said had been so touching. She thought about it for a second, knowing she’d have to stay in character for him.
“Very well then; as long as we understand each other; would you like to offer it properly?” Andrea asked gently. Nigel looked puzzled.
“On your knees, dear. I’ve even bought you a special mat for you to kneel on.” She pointed to a black plastic mat on the floor in front of her. It was a cheap doormat used to wipe the mud off shoes. It was a hard plastic mesh, and it would be extremely painful to kneel on. She wondered what he’d do.
Nigel knew exactly what the mat was there for. He licked his lips in that nervous gesture he had; then he carefully kneeled down on the black grid. His face screwed up in a painful grimace, but he managed not to cry out.
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Wallace,” he gasped. “Please do me the honor of accepting my gift.” He held out the box again. This time Andrea put the riding crop on her lap and took the box. It was heavier than she’d expected.
She thought it might be difficult to open with her gloves on, but whoever had gift wrapped it knew what they were doing. As she pulled the end of the silk bow, the wrapping paper began to slide off easily.
She opened the lid of the smart black box and only just managed not to gasp. It was a white gold Longines wristwatch; and it was quite beautiful – it must have cost a fortune. Andrea didn’t know what to say.
Nigel looked worried.
“I’m sorry. If you don’t like it…” She stopped him with a gesture of her hand.
Andrea thought she really might cry then. It had been a long time since a man had given a gift in this way, and right this second she wanted to reach out and hug this man – this boy. He was so beautiful too; but she knew she couldn’t – he would have been disappointed if she had. Instead she smiled at him, and kept her voice as even as possible.
“It’s a beautiful watch; Nigel; did you choose it yourself?”
“Well…the lady in the shop was very helpful,” he stammered. “I don’t have much of a clue when it comes to jewelry; I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry, dear,” she said gently. “You’re sensible enough to know when to take advice. That’s a good thing – would you help me try it on?”
“Of course, Mrs. Wallace!” he said eagerly.
He scooted forward on the mat, this time unable to stifle a grunt as the hard plastic grid pressed into his knees. His hands were trembling as he put the watch around her wrist. The bracelet clicked shut, and Andrea shook her wrist; the watch flopped around a bit.
“I think I need a link or two taking out,” she chuckled.
“The lady said they’d do it for you!” Nigel said eagerly. “It’s best for you to be there so they can make sure it fits properly. They open late on a Wednesday – I’d be happy to take you there after school…if you like.”
“That’s very thoughtful of you, Nigel,” she paused. “This is a lovely gift, but it’s so expensive; I’m just not sure…”
“Please, Mrs. Wallace!” he said, almost begging. “You’ve always been so kind to me; even when I first arrived. It’s nothing to do with the sexual side…I just wanted to…”
Andrea stopped him with her laughter.
“So you think there’s a sexual side to this, do you?” The tone of her voice mocked him.
Nigel’s face flushed a deep red. He tried to shift his position on the mat; and he was clearly suffering a lot.
“Well?” Andrea asked.
“I…well I just thought.” He rubbed his face with his hands and looked distraught.
Andrea chuckled again.
“I’m sorry dear,” she said. “I was just teasing you; you weren’t to know that I always answer the door wearing a leather pencil skirt and carrying a riding crop!”
For a second she saw the doubt still on Nigel’s face. His naiveté was one of the things that made him so attractive; then he seemed to get the joke and smiled.
She reached out and cupped Nigel’s cheeks in both of her leather-gloved hands. She leaned forward and then paused with her lips a fraction of an inch away from his. She breathed in the lovely smell of his cologne and was pleased that he made no attempt to close the gap and kiss her. After several seconds she eased forward until her lips touched his. He opened his mouth automatically and she allowed her tongue to flick inside his mouth briefly before she eased away. She only pulled back a few inches, so she could look in his eyes. To her amusement his were still closed and she noticed he was holding his breath. Finally he opened his eyes and saw that she was looking at him. He smiled; there were tears in his eyes.
“Thank you for my present, Nigel,” she whispered. “That was so sweet of you; it’s the most beautiful watch I’ve ever seen.”
“I’m glad you like it, Mrs. Wallace,” he answered quietly.
She sat back in the chair and held out her left arm to him.
“Now, could you take it off so we can keep it safe in the box until Wednesday?”
“Of course, Mrs. Wallace!” he said quickly, and carefully unfastened the clasp.
“How are your knees?”
“They hurt, Mrs.Wallace.”
“And yet you’re still kneeling on the mat.”
“Well…you told me to.”
“Of course!” she chuckled, lifting the riding crop from her lap. She used it to stroke his left cheek very gently.
“Now what else have you brought me?” she asked.
Nigel quickly reached down for the A4 folder by his side. He offered it to her with both hands. Andrea was pleasantly surprised. She’d expected a few sheets of hand written notes. But this was…so much more than that.
The binder cover looked like some kind of leather material, but in the center there was a photograph…of Andrea herself! But it wasn’t like any photo that Nigel could possibly have access to. It was a sexy, but rather tasteful black and white image of her in a black, Coco Channel style suit. Very retro, she thought.
“That’s lovely!” she told him, smiling. “How on Earth did you do it?”
“Photoshop!” he said proudly. “I took your face from one of the staff photos we had taken last December – you know for the annual report? And I matched the angle up with a really stylish Dior advert and masked in your face. Then I used a filter to make it look like an old black and white print.”
Andrea smiled. “Very clever!”
She opened the cover and got another shock. Each page had at least one image of her, along with neatly written lines of text. Most of the images were hand drawn – some were just crude, cartoon-like drawings, but others had been carefully colored.
“Nigel,” she asked, amazed. “When did you do all this?”
“I haven’t slept much since Friday,” he told her nervously. “Mrs. Wallace…what happened – what you said to me…it’s the most wonderful thing anyone has ever said to me. That you understand – you of all people. Somebody I respect so much.” His voice dropped almost to a whisper. “That I admire so much.”
Andrea skimmed some of the text. As she’d thought, the plot lines were fairly predictable – but the words flowed like classic prose; and there was an incredible attention to detail. It was almost like an illuminated manuscript. Yes, that was what it reminded her of.
“You spent all weekend doing this?” she asked gently. He nodded.
Andrea licked her lips – it was her turn to have a dry mouth.
“When did you eat last, Nigel?”
Nigel frowned. “Gosh…I had some cornflakes at breakfast I think. Was that today?”
“Oh Nigel!” Andrea said, shocked. “Get up off that mat!”
She stood up and held her hand out – he took it and she helped him to his feet. As she thought, in her heels she was slightly taller than him. His eyes were a lovely chocolate brown. She placed her left hand on his cheek and kissed him gently.
“It’s very nice that you’re obsessed with me, sweetheart,” she whispered. “But I don’t want you starving to death! Come on, you can cook a meal for us both.”
“I…I’m not very good at cooking, Mrs. Wallace,” he said in an embarrassed voice.
“Well I’ll have to show you then, won’t I?” she chuckled.
She led the way into the kitchen, her heels clicking on the tiled floor, and the riding crop tapping lightly against her right leg.
“Gosh, Mrs. Wallace,” Nigel told her “you look even sexier than I ever imagined – you’re so beautiful.”
“That’s nice, dear; keep telling me that and you won’t go far wrong,” she said, feeling like she was walking on air.
Andrea perched herself onto one of the kitchen stools.
“Right then!” she said. “Let’s think what I’ve got in the fridge. Oh; do you like Spag Bol?”
“Of course!” Nigel said, grinning. “I used to be a student, didn’t I?” He suddenly looked embarrassed. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Wallace, I didn’t mean to be cheeky.”
Andrea smiled – was he too good to be true? He was so submissive; it was really quite delicious. And she hadn’t told him to keep calling her “Mrs.Wallace”, but he did it anyway.
“That’s quite alright, Nigel,” Andrea said with a smile. “I don’t think you were being cheeky at all. If we’re having Spag Bol I think a glass of red wine is called for. I’ve got a few bottles in the rack over there – why don’t you choose one for me?”
“Of course, Mrs. Wallace,” he said, peering at the labels. “Oh!” he added, sounding somewhat dismayed.
“Is there a problem?” Andrea asked.
“No…well…I mean, these aren’t that great. I don’t want to be rude, but my Dad is pretty hot on wine. He taught me a lot about it, and you can get some fantastic wine without paying a lot of money. Maybe I can bring you some to try next time?”
“Next time?” Andrea echoed with a cruel grin.
“Oh, I’m sorry, Mrs. Wallace. Of course…if there is a next time,” Nigel added, blushing again.
“There will be, Nigel; I promise,” she added kindly.
“Thank you, Mrs. Wallace!” he whispered.
“Thank you, Nigel,” she replied. “For the lovely gift; and for the work you put in on your project. I’d forgotten how talented you were as an artist – and that was clearly a labor of love.”
Andrea’s stomach did a flip when she heard herself use the word, but Nigel’s smile could have lit up the room.
“Now listen, sweetheart,” Andrea said carefully. “I don’t want you arriving with a truck full of expensive wine. I really don’t drink much, which is why I don’t have anything too posh. A nice bottle of red will be lovely; and please don’t spend a fortune on it, will you?”
“I promise, Mrs. Wallace! I won’t do anything silly – the watch really was a thank you for everything you’ve done. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”
“Well I think we understand each other,” Andrea told him. “Now can you bring yourself to choose one of those crap wines for me to drink?”

Nigel was a willing student as Andrea explained how to cook a decent Spaghetti Bolognese. She was amazed that he’d made it through university without learning to cook this dish properly – it was a student favorite. Andrea read through his folder and took a few sips of wine as he cooked. It was very nicely written – as it should be, of course. And the illustrations were quite breathtaking – especially as she was the subject of them all. Despite his claims that he wasn’t hungry, Nigel had three helpings and finished the salad that Andrea had prepared to go with the meal. She took the smallest portion she could manage. Andrea knew that sex on a full tummy could be uncomfortable – especially in a skirt that was this tight! She smiled as she saw him wolfing down the food – she’d poured him a lemonade to drink since he was driving.
“I suspect you’re too full for sex now, aren’t you?” she asked coyly, slipping the kid leather gloves back onto her hands.
Nigel’s mouth gaped open. “Err.” Was all he managed to say.
Andrea giggled.
“I’m sorry, that was really cruel!” she said, sipping the wine; it wasn’t that bad. “Of course I’m not going to allow you to have sex with me, am I? I’m sure you understand that, don’t you?”
“Y…yes, Mrs. Wallace,” Nigel stammered.
“That wouldn’t be right, would it, Nigel?” she asked, more quietly now.
Nigel licked his lips nervously. He was watching Andrea flexing her fingers in the tight leather gloves. She ran the tip of one finger around the rim of the glass.
“Would it?” she repeated. He shook his head with what looked like regret in his eyes.
Andrea sighed contentedly; it was time to push him a little bit.
“Are you a virgin, Nigel?” she asked.
Nigel blushed; he looked so cute when he did that.
“N…n…no Mrs.Wallace,” he managed to stammer out – Andrea had never known him to have a stammer normally, not even when he was in stressful teaching situations.
“Have you had a lot of girlfriends?” she continued.
“Well…maybe…about ten I think,” he said finally. “Ten that I’ve made love to, I mean.”
Andrea was genuinely surprised. This beautiful, but desperately shy and submissive boy had been able to get ten girls into bed? Jesus Christ, she’d only slept with three men, and she was nearing her fortieth birthday!
“Ten?” she blurted out before she could stop herself.
“Girls seem to like me.” He shrugged.
Yes, that was probably true, she thought – they’d want to mother him. But then they’d find that he wanted more than that – more cruelty than most girls would feel comfortable with, perhaps.
“And out of all these girls, you never found Miss Right?” she asked, genuinely puzzled.
“Well, to be honest, some of them were really nice; but after a while I think they knew I wasn’t really turned on by them. It was too…vanilla for me. A lot of the times I would have…well I’d have problems to stay…stay hard; so I had to get very good at oral sex!” He grinned, but was clearly embarrassed about the problem.
Oh really, Mr Modesty? Andrea thought. She’d been aroused all day – in expectation of this evening. Did she dare to push him along this quickly? She’d planned not to allow him even to touch her this first time.
“How do you know that you’re so good?” she asked.
He looked genuinely surprised.
“Well…they told me,” he answered.
She laughed out loud. It was a genuine laugh, and she had to force herself to stop.
“Oh, I’m sorry dear!” she said, wiping a tear carefully from one eye. “But to paraphrase another lovely girl ‘they would say that, wouldn’t they?’”
Nigel looked really embarrassed now; but then something lit up in his eyes.
“I could…I could show you, Mrs. Wallace,” he said, with a distinct tremor in his voice.
Andrea smiled and looked him in the eyes.
“Could you really?” she asked. He lowered his eyes and nodded slowly.
Andrea slid her empty glass forward, and Nigel quickly refilled it from the bottle. She took a sip, then stood up and walked slowly into the lounge. She moved the upright chair out of the way and sat down on her favorite armchair. Nigel followed cautiously behind her; but he paused on the edge of the room as if asking permission. Andrea pointed to the floor in front of her with the crop – she wouldn’t make him kneel on the mat this time.
She carefully crossed her legs, leaving a shiny black shoe a few inches from Nigel’s face. Without hesitating he leaned forward and then stopped with his lips an inch away from the gleaming patent leather.
“May I please, Mrs. Wallace?” he asked quietly.
She paused for three seconds – which seemed just right.
“Very well; yes you may,” she said.
Nigel sighed with delight as he began to kiss her shoe – holding it tenderly in both hands. She noticed that he didn’t even try to touch her leg without permission – he was so docile, it was quite incredible.
He didn’t rush things either. Every kiss to her shoe seemed to be deliberate – with a chosen target, and a passionate embrace by his lips. After a few minutes Andrea swapped her legs and allowed him to kiss her other shoe. He showed no sign of getting bored; it was so erotic! She could happily let this carry one for a while; but she wanted to try other things with Nigel too.
“Move back a bit dear,” she told him. He immediately moved back on his haunches.
Andrea stood up and turned so that her back was to him.
“Unfasten my skirt.”
With trembling hands Nigel unhooked the waistband, and slowly pulled down the zip.
“Now slide it down over my legs,” Andrea ordered softly. She sighed as she felt the clingy material slide over her thighs; then she carefully stepped out of the skirt. As she turned around to face him she noticed that Nigel held the warm skirt to his face for a second before he carefully folded it and put it on the floor next to him.
“Panties dear,” she whispered. His hands were really trembling now as he gently hooked his thumbs through the waistband of her glossy, satin panties, and eased them slowly down her legs. He audibly gasped as he noticed the glistening patch of her juices that were in the crotch.
He held up the panties and, with a pleading look in his eyes asked, “May I kiss them please, Mrs. Wallace?”
Andrea smiled and nodded. Nigel pressed the juicy crotch to his lips and actually groaned with pleasure. Andrea perched on the front of the seat and leaned back.
“You made some impressive claims earlier – let’s see how good you really are, shall we?” she chuckled.

As it turned out Nigel was very, very good at oral sex. It was now an hour later; and Andrea had stop counting her orgasms after three. After that they seemed to merge into a series of gentle waves that just went on and on. It may have been that she’d been alone for so long – and of course she’d been thinking about this for the whole weekend. But Nigel certainly knew how to work a woman’s pussy; and not just with his tongue, but his fingers also – those lovely, strong fingers – seemed to know exactly where, and when to apply pressure.
“Where did you learn how to do that, Nigel?” Andrea asked him afterwards, sipping the last of her wine – she’d limit herself to just two glasses. He was still kneeling in front of her, but now his head was resting on her belly; his arms were around her waist and Andrea’s hands were stroking his hair gently. He was still fully clothed, and hadn’t even hinted at wanting an orgasm himself.
“I had an American roommate in my first year of university,” Nigel said quietly. “He was a bit older than me – doing a post grad degree. He’d spent a couple of years in Thailand, and apparently he learned quite a few tricks out there. Anyway, sometimes he’d bring girls back when I was there too – the girls didn’t seem to mind me watching them; and he would always give them the most amazing orgasms. We had the neighbors from three doors away complaining about the noise. I told him he had to show me how to do it as a way of making it up to me; so he did.”
“Well you’re very clever, young Nigel,” Andrea chuckled.
“Thank you, Mrs. Wallace,” he said, nuzzling into her tummy. “Thank you for letting me give you pleasure.”
Andrea paused. “And what about your pleasure?” she asked quietly.
“Wh…what?” he asked, raising his head in surprise.
“You’ve been such a good boy, Nigel – and you must know that every good boy…” she paused, wanting him to finish her sentence.
“Deserves favours,” Nigel said gently, completing the aid memoir.
“That’s right – so what favors do you deserve?” she asked, still stroking his hair.
“It’s been…a long time,” he said, nervously.
“Oh dear!” Andrea chuckled. “A week? You think that’s a long time? Perhaps it is at your age.”
Nigel blushed.
“Come on, sweetheart,” Andrea said, smiling. “Let me take you upstairs.”
Nigel’s face lit up in surprise. He scrambled to his feet and held out his hand to help Andrea up from the chair. With a girlish giggle Andrea jumped into his arms and kissed him hard on the lips, sliding her tongue deep into his mouth. Her right hand slid onto his chest and found his nipple through the thin cotton of his sweater. She rubbed it gently until it popped up and then gripped it between her finger and thumb. Nigel groaned into her mouth as she squeezed; but she just chuckled and twisted the nipple harder. Finally she let go and led him by the hand out of the lounge, towards the stairs.
When they got into her bedroom Andrea ordered Nigel to take off her remaining clothes. She was fascinated by how carefully he removed each item, folding it into a neat pile on the dressing table. She watched him intently as he saw her naked for the first time. Would he think she was too old for him? But if he did think that, he certainly didn’t show it.
Then she undressed him – gently kissing each piece of his bare flesh as it was revealed. She folded his clothes onto the chair, and soon he too was naked. His cock was totally erect, and dripping with precum. Andrea desperately wanted to feel that cock inside her.
“I think it’s best for you to wear a condom, dear,” Andrea told him.
“Of course, Mrs. Wallace,” he replied immediately.
“Oh, and I think we’d better put some of this on you,” she said, hiding a smirk.
Andrea had taken a small spray bottle from the bedside cabinet. Before Nigel could say anything Andrea had pressed the button four or five times and sprayed the whole of his cock with the mystery liquid. Then she handed him a fresh condom, which he dutifully opened and began to put on.
Andrea lay back on the bed and adjusted the pillows. She was feeling fantastic from the series of orgasms Nigel had already given her, and she really was looking forward to feeling his cock inside her now.
Nigel kneeled on the edge of the bed, but there was a worried frown on his face.
“Mrs. Wallace,” he asked nervously, “what was in that spray? I thought it was a spermicide – but I feel a bit…odd. Maybe it’s an allergic reaction.”
“Don’t worry, that feeling is normal dear,” Andrea told him, stroking his cheek with her hand. “It’s a spray for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. It contains a local anesthetic, so you should be feeling a bit numb by now – it usually lasts at least half an hour.”
“But I don’t…have that kind of problem,” Nigel replied, still confused.
“That’s nice dear,” Andrea said, snuggling close to Nigel’s taught and well-toned body. She lowered her mouth onto one of his nipples and sucked it gently. Her hand slid around to Nigel’s rather nice bottom – it was as hard as his cock actually. She remembered he regularly played squash at a county level.
“That’s not why I used it on you, Nigel,” she sighed, kissing him gently on the lips.
“Oh!” he said, realization dawning on his face. “It’s to stop me from coming, isn’t it?”
Andrea smiled, and kissed him more deeply.
“How do you feel about that? About what I’ve done to you?” Andrea whispered as she gently guided Nigel on top of her, and used her hand to steer his rock hard penis inside her. She shuddered with delight – he felt even better than she’d imagined.
“It makes me feel…happy, Mrs. Wallace – really happy.”
A tear dripped down from Nigel’s cheek and landed close to Andrea’s mouth. She licked it away, and gave a small gasp of pleasure as Nigel began to pump slowly in and out of her. It had been such a long time! Her pussy was starting to feel sore after all the attention he’d already given it, but she could let it recover for the next few days. Right now all she wanted was this lovely man to be inside her – it was all so delicious. Even more so because he seemed to genuinely want her to deny him.
“Well if young Nigel says he’s happy,” Andrea said with a contented sigh, “he must be happy.”
Her hands explored his body as he began to move inside her, and Andrea arched her back, feeling him go even deeper.
“Oh fuck!” she whispered. “That feels so good!”
“You’re so beautiful…I wanted to tell you that for so long, Mrs.Wallace!” he gasped.
“Harder, Nigel…fuck me harder!”
He increased his pace, pounding into her strongly now. Andrea reached up and pressed her thumbnails into his nipples until she saw him grimace in pain.
“Tell me what a bitch I am!” she gasped. “For denying you pleasure!”
“No!” he gasped.
She pressed harder, twisting her nails to drag across his tender flesh.
“Tell me!”
“I’ll never think of you that way!” he cried out. “I’ll never say that word!”
“I’ll have to try harder then, won’t I?”
Andrea felt herself moving towards another climax, and now she raked the fingernails of her right hand across Nigel’s chest. He cried out in pain, but continued to thrust into her gamely.
“Oh God, I’m coming!” Andrea told him.
She reached up and cupped his face in her hands, looking into his eyes as she climaxed hard. This time the sensation seemed to come from deep inside her, and she held her breath as she felt the explosion of pleasure in her groin. The sensation went on and on, and she felt her body shudder repeatedly as Nigel drew his cock slowly outwards – his shaft stroking her clit in the most delicious way.
Andrea saw little sparkles of light in her eyes, and all at once she realized she’d been holding her breath. She didn’t want to release it yet – it was as though she could maintain that peak of excitement for a few more seconds.
But all at once her breath left her in an explosion, and she felt like she might pass out. Then Nigel’s lips found hers, and she let him explore her with his tongue. Her hands moved over the muscles of his back, and she hugged him fiercely.
After a long kiss, Nigel rolled over so his weight didn’t come down on her, and he moved down to suckle gently on her right breast.
“Your heart’s hammering away!” he chuckled. “Are you OK, Mrs.Wallace?”
Andrea considered herself to be in excellent shape, but at that moment she’d never felt more physically drained. Her left hand trembled as she gently stroked Nigel’s hair, and each time his lips brushed her nipple she felt little tingles of pleasure that ran all the way down to her pussy. Bloody hell – that had been rather good!
“God, I hope so!” she gasped. “If I died while you were fucking me, how would you explain that to the Headmaster tomorrow morning?”

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