Stanley Jeffries

Stanley Jeffries is the pen name I use for my Female Domination books.  As you can tell from the titles these all involve the theme of male chastity as a means of Female Domination of a man.  They also tend to include lesbian cuckolding situations, lots of detailed descriptions of fetish clothing, and plenty of S&M activity.

I tend to go for strong female characters who are loving, as well as cruel.

I have the following FemDom books in publication so far:

Journey Into Chastity, Book One: The Journey Begins
Journey Into Chastity: Book 2: The Ecstasy of Denial
Journey Into Chastity: Book 3: New Depths of Pain
The Journey Into Chastity Trilogy (all three books available in one volume)
Karl's Year in Chastity
The Chastity Game (e-book only)

You can purchase these books from the Stanley Jeffries page on Pink Flamingo publications site, and you can also find them on Amazon.

Check back here for some sample text from these books, and for additional FemDom stories that I’ve started to write, or have published elsewhere on the web.