My Wife’s Sister: Chapter 01

Jeff pulled his car into the driveway of his sister in law’s house.  Jennie had just moved into the little cottage after her divorce from Tony had been finalized.  The cottage was on Jeff’s route back from his office and he’d offered to stop by to help move some furniture and put up some shelves.

Jennie smiled when she opened the door.

“Hi Jeff!” she said.  “Thanks ever so much for coming round.  I’ve got a pile of boxes to shift and I already chipped one of my nails trying to do it.  You’re such a sweetheart for offering.”

Jennie was still wearing her “office clothes”.  She worked as an office manager, and Jeff had always admired her looks, and her dress sense.  She had a great figure – kept in shape with regular aerobics sessions.  She was petite, but very cute, with short, almost black hair and startling blue eyes.  She had a pretty, not quite beautiful face.  Her nose and chin were a little too pointed to be classically beautiful.  It gave her a slightly haughty, and even cruel look…very different from her sister, Jeff’s wife. 

Today she had on a crisp, white blouse that clung rather suggestively to her upper body, and a black pencil skirt with a wide black leather belt.  She was wearing black pumps, with a fairly sensible two inch heel.  Jeff noticed the tell-tale bulge of a suspender under her tight skirt and guessed she was wearing stockings, rather than tights.  He’d always had a crush on his sister in law.  His wife was also very pretty, but Jennie had a raw sexual look about her.  She always seemed much raunchier than her older sister.

“I brought some overalls,” Jeff said.  “I thought it might be a bit dusty and I don’t want to get my suit dirty.  Is there somewhere I can change?”

“There’s room in the downstairs loo.” Jennie pointed to the door.  “Would you like a coffee?”

“I’d love one, thanks,” Jeff replied, and headed into the toilet to change.

He left his jacket in the car, and quickly slipped out of his shoes, shirt and trousers.  He’d brought an old pair of blue overalls he used for working in the garden.  Seeing Jennie always made him horny, and before he put them on he’d need to “adjust” his underpants.  Just as he was doing that Jennie opened the door with his coffee.

“Oops sorry!” she giggled, and glanced down at his very obvious bulge.  “Gosh, what are you thinking about?  Not me, I hope!”

Jeff flushed with embarrassment.  “Well, it’s just that you do look very sexy in that outfit Jennie.  I’m sorry.”

“No need to apologise!” she said brightly.  “I suppose it’s a nice compliment.  But come on, you’ve got work to do.”

Jeff managed to scramble into the overalls, and then slipped on an old pair of trainers he’d brought and took his coffee with him to the lounge.

Jennie was standing in the middle of the room, her hands on her hips.  She pointed out the boxes she wanted Jeff to move to the garage.  Then she showed him the wall where the shelves needed to go.  Jeff quickly sipped at the hot coffee as she spoke, praying that his erection would go away.  He was getting even more turned on as Jennie continued to issue a stream of orders.

She paused, and glanced down at his groin.

“Is that ever going to go down?” she asked.

“Sorry Jennie,” Jeff said, even more embarrassed now.  But the more she stared, the harder he seemed to get.  She moved close to him and gently placed her hand on the bulge.

“Bloody Hell!” she chuckled.  “Aren’t you getting any from Cheryl?  I haven’t felt anything this hard for a while.  Tony and I weren’t doing it much towards the end.”

“Well…Cheryl and I are going through a bit of a dry spell just now,” Jeff stammered.  “She’s pretty tired with her new job.”

Jennie gave his cock a final squeeze.

“Oh, poor baby,” she whispered, and kissed him gently on the cheek.  “I hope there’s enough blood supply getting to the rest of your body to shift those boxes.”

“I’m sure there is Jennie,” Jeff said quietly.

“Well you’d better get on with it then,” she said.  “And you can take my coffee cup back into the kitchen with yours.”

Jeff scampered through to the kitchen and then started to move the boxes.  Most of them seemed to contain something heavy – books, and other junk that she’d accumulated over the years.  Jennie and Tony had lived in a much bigger house than this, and Jeff thought she’d have to do some severe pruning to fit into the cost little cottage.

While Jeff worked, Jennie sat down in an armchair and began to work on her nails – presumably trying to repair the broken nail before it split too far.  Each time Jeff came back for another box she would look at him and smile.  Once he noticed she was stroking her hand up and down her thigh, over the tight material of her skirt.

Finally he’d moved the last box.

“Well done,” Jennie said, rather sarcastically.  “Although you would have done it quicker if you hadn’t been drooling over me each time you came in.  Do you really like this outfit then?”

“Well it’s nice,” Jeff admitted.  “But it’s your body that makes it sexy.”

Jennie smiled.

“Could you do me a favor?” She asked.  “My feet are killing me after walking around all day in the office.  Would you give my feet a rub please?”

Jeff’s mind did a backflip.  What was she saying?  He saw her pointing to the floor in front of her and without knowing how he’d got there he found himself on his knees, reaching for her right foot.  He gently removed the shoe and began to rub.

She giggled.  “OK, you obviously don’t know how to do a foot massage.  Remember a girl’s feet might be ticklish; so you need to use a firm, steady movement.  That’s better…we’ll make something useful out of you yet.”

For the next ten minutes Jennie gave a stream of instructions and commands as Jeff massaged one, then the other foot.

“Now you can finish off by massaging my legs very gently,” she ordered.  “That’s it, just stroke them.  Gently I said!  Yes, that’s good.” She sighed as his fingers drifted across her knees and touched the bottom of her skirt.  “Now stop!” She barked.

She stood up from the chair and began to pace around the room.  Jeff started to scramble to his feet, but was frozen by a command from Jennie.

“Who told you to move?” she asked sternly.

“N…nobody,” Jeff mumbled nervously.

Jennie stopped in front of him and leaned down until her lips were a few inches from his.  He could smell the coffee on her breath.  She was looking him in the eyes and he swallowed nervously.

“So don’t fucking move then, OK?” she whispered.

He felt a shiver run down his spine as she swore at him.  Was it the surprise?  Neither Jennie nor her sister ever used bad language.  What was going on here?  Was Jennie making a pass at him?  He realized he’d hardly been discrete about him finding her attractive.  He and Tony even used to joke about a wife swap when they got drunk together, but when Jeff had joked about it to Cheryl she’d never shown the slightest interest.  Tony told him the same was true for Jennie – well, she’d been married then, he supposed; but now she was on the loose.

“Answer me then!” she barked.  Jeff almost jumped out of his skin.

“Yes!” he croaked, his mouth as dry as a bone.  “I mean no Jennie!”

She laughed.  “Which is it?” she asked.  “Yes or no?”

Jeff closed his eyes.  Christ this was weird…he felt so…trapped by her.

“I…I’m not going to move unless you tell me,” he stammered finally.

Jennie stood upright slowly.  She looked down at him for a few seconds; then she nodded.


She paced around him again.  The front room in the cottage had wooden floorboards.  Not the old original ones.  These were modern replacements, but they’d been tastefully done.  Jennie had slipped her shoes back on after the foot massage, and the heels clicked with each step.  Jeff found the sound quite hypnotic.

“You had a hard on earlier,” Jennie said quietly.  It was a statement, not a question, and Jeff wasn’t sure if she wanted him to reply; so he just nodded.

“Speak up!” she shouted.  She actually stamped her foot!  Jeff had heard the expression, but had never seen a woman do it.  He thought it was an extremely bitchy thing to do…so why was it turning him on so much?

“Yes I did, Jennie; I’m sorry,” he replied quietly.  For some reason he couldn’t look at her directly; he kept his eyes looking down at the floor.

“I told you!” she said, pronouncing each word individually.  “You don’t need to say sorry for that!  You can’t help being a disgusting,” she reached over and slapped his cheek with her hand, “ignorant,” another slap, “sexist,” a third slap.  She bent down and looked right into his eyes.  He tried to return her gaze.  “Pig!” she whispered.

He closed his eyes tightly.  He couldn’t quite believe she’d slapped him!  He knew that he was rock hard, but now he could feel he was leaking too.  He was leaking precum from the end of his dick!  It had been rather nice to massage Jennie’s feet.  He’d been treated to a fantastic view of her stockings.  And her shapely legs had felt quite delicious under his fingertips.  Cheryl never let him massage her feet…she was too ticklish; or maybe he was too ham-fisted.  He knew Jennie had ticklish feet too, but she’d been very clear in her instructions to him.  What the fuck was going on here?

Jennie was smiling down at him.  She lifted one foot and pressed it into his groin gently.

“Hard again I see?” she said with an evil smile.  “What a fucking pig!”

She pressed her foot down more firmly and Jeff grunted.

“Jesus Christ, what’s that stain on your overalls?” she asked in horror.  “Have you come in your pants?”

“No!” he replied, mortified.  “It’s just…a leak I suppose.”

Jennie’s face looked like she’d just stepped in something disgusting.

“Oh Christ!  What kind of man are you?” she asked.  “Are you turned on by bossy women, Jeff?  Is that what rocks your boat?  Is that why you can’t get it up with Cheryl?”

“What do you mean?” he protested.  “What’s she been telling you?”

Jennie just laughed.  “Sensitive area?” she asked.

“No!” Jeff repeated.  “I don’t have a problem!  I’ve never had a problem.  I’m as hard as a rock now!”

Jennie leaned down again.  Each time she did it, Jeff got a lovely view of her cleavage.  He could see into her blouse, and down the white, lacy bra she wore.  Her breasts weren’t that big, but they had a fantastic shape.  He’d seen her in bikinis, and even topless once on a beach in Spain during a family holiday.  He remembered her nipples seemed to be almost permanently erect.

“Cheryl says you often claim you’re too tired,” Jennie taunted.  “She says you’re all floppy, even when she tries to get you excited.”

“She doesn’t try very hard,” Jeff muttered.

“You cheeky bastard!” Jennie said, slapping him again.  “How hard do you try for her?”

Jeff stayed silent.  He knew whatever he said would be wrong.

“That foot massage was rubbish!” Jennie told him.  “And I bet you’re crap at eating pussy too!  What kind of pathetic excuse for a man are you?  You just think about yourself…totally fucking selfish!”

“I try my best…” Jeff said, barely in a whisper.

“You try?  You fucking try?” Jennie said mockingly.  “Well we should be so grateful, shouldn’t we, Jeff.  You try!  Gosh, that’s so good of you!”

Jeff was blushing furiously.  He did try…he was really good at oral sex.  Other women had told him so, and he knew they weren’t obliged to compliment him.  Even on the occasional one night stand he’d had on business he’d given those girls plenty to be happy about.  Jennie had no fucking idea.

She was pacing around him now.  This was getting silly.  He’d have to put a stop to it.  Just then Jennie stood in front of him and slid the tight pencil skirt up her thighs.

“Wh…what are you doing?” Jeff said, shocked.  She ignored his question.

Jeff saw that she was indeed wearing stockings – very sheer and very black.  She slid down her black satin panties and Jeff could smell her pussy…a rich, musky perfume.  He felt another dribble of precum leak from him.

“I wasn’t expecting this so I haven’t had time to wash there.” Jennie told him.  “It’s been a long day in the office, but I’m sure you’ll manage.  Get your mouth in there.  It’s been ages since anyone went down on me, and I miss it.  Besides; I’m sure you need the practice.”

Jeff was dumbstruck.  For years he’d fancied Jennie…years.  She was very overtly sexy; yet she’d never shown the slightest sign of attraction to him.  Come to think of it, she wasn’t showing it now…she was simply wanting to use him like a human vibrator.  It was so clinical, so brutal.  But part of him knew it was that very aspect that was turning him on so much.


She stood with her legs apart, waiting for him.  Jeff was totally confused now.  He’d fantasized about doing this on so many occasions.  But this was a huge step to take…his wife’s sister for Christ’s sake.

Jennie stood there, smiling.  Her look said it all…she knew he wanted it.

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