My Wife’s Sister: Chapter 02

Jeff made his decision.   He eased his head forward.  Jennie was already very wet.  His tongue found her clit easily, and he slid his hands up onto her bottom to allow him to press harder against her.  After a couple of minutes she sat back down on the armchair and told him to continue.  Within another minute Jennie began to grip him more tightly.  She shuddered with her first climax.

Right away, Jeff slid his right index finger into her and flexed upwards gently, looking for her G-spot.  She responded immediately, grasping his head again, and groaning.  As he continued to massage her clit with his tongue he gently stroked inside her, gradually increasing the pressure as he felt her respond.

“Oh God!” she gasped.  “Yes, there!  Harder!  Yes!” she gasped.  She shuddered to a second climax, and ground her pussy into his face as she gradually recovered.

After a minute or so she pushed him back with her foot, and he knelt expectantly in front of her.  Jennie sat up and smiled at him.  She raised her right hand and slapped him hard across the face.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she demanded.  “You just licked out your wife’s sister!  What kind of pervert are you?”

Jeff was mortified.  “I’m sorry,” he stammered.

“I should think so too!” Jennie said, still sounding outraged.  She raised her hand again, and Jeff flinched.  “Don’t you dare flinch!  I’m going to slap you again – so keep your fucking head straight!”

Jeff was baffled – she was the one who’d led him on.  He saw Jennie staring at him in anger, and he straightened up.  The second slap was even harder than the first; but he managed not to flinch.

“I need to hurt you more,” she hissed, viciously.  “But I suppose if I mark you up there’ll be too much explaining to do to Cheryl.”

Jeff swallowed.  What was she going to tell her sister about all this?

“Take your overalls off.  Move!” she barked.

Without even thinking, Jeff quickly stripped off his trainers, and the overalls.  He realized he was actually shaking with fear.

“Socks and underpants too!” Jennie told him.

He stood passively in front of her, as she adjusted her skirt.  She saw his erection had faded a bit.

“Getting scared are we?” she laughed.  “Are you wondering what I’ll tell Cheryl?  That’s a very good question.  What should I tell her?  Well…cat got your tongue?  It was in my little pussy a minute ago, I felt it.”

Jeff screwed his eyes shut.  Why was Jennie doing this?

She reached over and pinched Jeff’s left nipple between her finger and thumb.  He grimaced and let out a small gasp, but she maintained the pressure.

“Do you know what I always wanted to do with Tony?” she asked softly.  Jeff shook his head, his eyes still screwed up against the pain.

“I wanted to tie him up and beat him with a cane.” she said slowly.  “I wanted to leave red stripes on his skin, to mark him as mine.  I wanted to pierce his nipples and make him wear my initials on a little gold ring.  I wanted to do lots of things to him.  Sometimes it’s boring working in an office…and my mind sort of wanders.  I used to think of all the things I’d like to do to him.” She squeezed the nipple very hard now.  Jeff opened his eyes and saw she was staring at him.

“I don’t know what you’re asking me, Jennie,” Jeff said between gritted teeth.

“Well, before I started squeezing your nipple your dick was as limp as a dishrag,” she whispered, brushing her lips over his shoulder.  “Now it’s as hard as a rock.  I’ve got a sneaking suspicion you like what I’m doing to you, Jeff; is that right?”

Jeff paused, then nodded weakly.  “Yes Jennie,” he admitted.  “I suppose I do.”

“Why?” she whispered.  “Tell me why.”

“It’s…well it’s really different.  I don’t know why, but you’re driving me crazy,” he said, desperately.  “Please don’t tell Cheryl though.  You won’t do that, will you?  I mean, what’s the point?”

She laughed and let go of his nipple.  She began to circle around him slowly.  Her hand stroked his bottom gently.

“What’s the point in telling the truth to my own sister?” she scoffed.  “Is that what you’re asking?  You don’t think she needs to know that her loving husband has just licked her sister’s pussy?”

Jeff said nothing.  Jennie stopped pacing and stood in front of him, hand on hips again.  Her breasts were pressing against the tight fabric of her blouse.

“But you do have a point.” Jennie said, stroking her hand across Jeff’s chest.  “I have certain…needs.  And I think you might be able to satisfy them.  For the moment at least.  Until I find a nice, submissive boyfriend.  I’m sure you don’t mind popping by after work two or three times a week, do you?”

“Well, I don’t mind, of course,” he said, trying to smile.  “But I think Cheryl might get a bit suspicious.” Jeff mumbled.

“Oh I don’t think so.” Jennie assured him.  “Not with the extra attention you’re going to be showing her.  You’ll be buying her flowers, and taking her to dinner…and you’ll be having a lot more sex with her.”

Jeff looked puzzled.

“Oh!” Jennie exclaimed.  “Did you think you’d be getting sex from me?”

She clapped her hands to her face and laughed out loud.  “Oh that’s really sweet.” She said, tears in her eyes after the laughter.  “But so pathetic!”

She leaned down and kissed the nipple she’d been teasing.  Jeff groaned with pleasure.  His cock was actually dribbling freely now.  He was so turned on by this!  Jennie bit down and it made him grunt.

“How can I hurt you without leaving any marks?” she mused.  “This is a real challenge.  I never had this problem in my fantasies about Tony.  But we can’t let Cheryl know about this…for the moment, anyway.” she added, threateningly.  “Oh I know!  Don’t you dare move!”

She hurried out of the lounge and into the kitchen.  Jeff heard her rummaging around in the drawers, and then she came back.  She was holding a twelve inch plastic school ruler.

“But that will leave marks on my bum, won’t it?” Jeff said hopefully.  He’d never even been beaten at school – never mind in a sexual context.  He had no idea if he liked it or not, but he suspected it wasn’t up to him.

“Hold out your right hand – palm upwards,” Jennie ordered.

Jeff cringed, but he obeyed.  Jennie swished the ruler through the air in a few practice swings.  Then she brought it down with all her strength on his hand.  Whack!

Jeff took a deep breath in and screwed up his hand.  Bloody Hell that hurt!

“Stand up straight!” Jennie ordered furiously.  “I do not expect you to move, do you understand me?”

“It hurts!” Jeff said pathetically.

Jennie smiled wildly.  “Oh, go to the top of the class!  It’s supposed to fucking hurt, you idiot!  Now hold your hand out, and stand still.”

Jeff held out a trembling hand and Jennie drew back the ruler.  Even before she’d started the stroke Jeff pulled his hand away.  Jennie’s eyes flashed furiously.  She walked over to her handbag and pulled out her mobile phone.  She pointed the camera at Jeff and took a photo.  Then another.  Jeff realized too late what she was doing, and scampered for cover behind the sofa.

Jennie squealed with laughter.  “Too late, loser!  What a fucking idiot you are!  Hang on one second.  OK, I’ve sent those pictures to my email account.  So you can’t even grab the phone and delete them.  Now there’s plenty of proof to back up my story to Cheryl.”

She looked down at the phone.  “OK, let me just make the call to her.”

“No Jennie!” Jeff screamed.  “Please!  Don’t do that.”

But she’d already hit the dial button.  She smiled as Jeff crawled out from behind the sofa and groveled at her feet.

“Please!” he whispered, clutching her stocking-clad legs.  She kicked him away as the phone was answered.

“Oh…hi, Cheryl!  Yes, it’s just me.  What?  Yes, he’s been here for a little while…he’s moved all those boxes.  I wanted to ask, is it OK if I hold onto him for a bit longer?  If he can put the shelves up that would be brilliant.  What?”  She moved the phone away from her mouth.

“How long do you think the shelves will take Jeff?” she asked.

Jeff was sweating now, his head down at her feet.  He couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing.

“Errr…maybe an hour.  Yes, that should be enough time,” he muttered.

“An hour,” Jennie said.  “Oh you’re a sweetheart, thanks, Sis.  OK…bye.”

Jennie pressed a few buttons on the phone and then showed it to Jeff.  He saw himself, obviously standing naked in Jennie’s lounge, his cock erect.

“OK then.  I think we understand each other, don’t we?” Jennie said.  Jeff nodded.

“While you’re down there you can kiss my feet.” she ordered.  “Lick those shoes clean.  Go on!”

Jeff knew he was lost now.  He leaned forward and began to lick the shoes.  They were mostly clean, but there were patches of dust here and there from the day’s wear.  He heard Jennie taking more photos as he worked on her shoes.  There was no point in trying to stop her…the damage was done.  Even one photo of him standing naked, with a huge hard on in Jennie’s lounge would be all the evidence Cheryl would need.  But why would Jennie send something like that to her sister?

“I’ll let you polish them properly later,” Jennie told him.  “But now we’ve got your punishment to finish.  That’s as long as you’re not still crying about it.”

Jeff reluctantly staggered to his feet.  He held out his right hand.  It was shaking slightly.

Jennie smiled and took her position again.  Jeff tried to focus on the way her blouse clung to her breasts as she raised the ruler.  Whack!  This time he managed not to move his hand, but it was really hard not to let it curl up.

“You can count for me.” Jennie said.  “I think six on each hand is OK for today.  After all, you’ve got those shelves to put up.  And I want to see what it looks like afterwards…I don’t want to leave any evidence.  Go on then, count!”

“One,” Jeff said miserably.

“No, that won’t do,” Jennie said, putting her hands on her hips.  She thought for a moment.

“OK, in the stories the submissives have to thank their Mistress.  So you say the number, and you thank me…you can call me Mistress Jennie.  That’s how you’ll always refer to me when we’re alone from now on.  Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Jeff said, then added.  “Err…yes, Mistress Jennie.”

Jennie smiled.  “Good.  Yes, that’s very good.  OK, let’s start again shall we?”

Jeff held out his hand, and Jennie swung again.  Whack!

“Two.  Thank you Mistress Jennie,” He gasped.

Jennie laughed.  “OK.  Which part of ‘let’s start again’ did you not understand?”

She stared at him until he realized what she was asking.  His expression spoke for him.

“OK,” Jennie said very slowly.  “We’re going to start again.  You will count from one!  And if you make another mistake I’ll double the punishment.”

“Yes, Mistress Jennie,” Jeff said quickly, and held up his hand.


“One!  Thank you, Mistress Jennie,” he said quickly.  This time he’d managed not to flinch at all.  He was realizing that the only way to get this over with was to follow Jennie’s rules to the letter, and screw the pain.

After five more strokes to his right hand Jennie told him to hold it up so she could examine it.

“Mmmm.  It’s very red.” She said, stroking the palm of his hand gently with her fingers.  “But that was nine strokes because of your stupidity, and I think it’ll fade quite quickly.  And more importantly it’s doing the job for me…I like to see you in pain.”

She looked into his eyes.  He was sweating slightly and blinked to clear the drops from his eyes.

“Let’s give you a little reward, shall we?” she whispered.  She took his throbbing right hand and pressed it against her left breast.  Jeff could feel her nipple was hard even through the bra and blouse.

“Is that nice?  You can squeeze it if you like,” she said, smiling.

“Yes,” Jeff said dreamily, squeezing her firm breast.  “Sorry…yes, Mistress Jennie,” He corrected quickly.

Jennie pressed herself against his hand and eased herself towards him.  She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.

“Good boy,” she whispered.  “Now let’s get your punishment finished, and if you take it well I’m going to let you touch them.  I want your hands red raw before that happens though, do you understand?  I want your hands in pain as they stroke my bare breasts.  Would you like to touch them?”

Jeff somehow managed to swallow – although it felt like there was a bowling ball in his throat.

“Yes…thank you, Mistress Jennie,” he croaked.

Jennie rocked back and forth, pressing her breast against his hand for a few seconds, and then moved away.

“OK,” she said gently.  “Left hand.”

Jeff managed to take the six strokes without flinching, thanking her properly for each one.  The thought of being able to touch Jennie’s bare breasts was something he fantasized about for years.  She had a fantastic body – firm from frequent visits to the gym.  He’d always envied Tony because Jennie had always been more overtly sexy than her sister…but he’d never realized just how kinky she was.

As he flexed his hands after the punishment, Jennie stood a few inches in front of him and slowly unbuttoned her blouse.  She looked him in the eyes as she did it – almost daring him to stare at her breasts.  Jeff was panting in anticipation.

She peeled off the blouse slowly.  She was wearing a silky white, push-up bra.  Her nipples were clearly outlined by the fabric and Jeff found himself licking his lips involuntarily.

“Oh…don’t get any ideas, Tiger!” Jennie giggled.  “You’re not going to suck them.  Not for six lousy strokes on your hands anyway.  I’ll have a think about what you can do to earn that.”

She turned around.  “Undo my bra,” she ordered.  Jeff’s hands were trembling as he gently unhooked the bra clasp.  Jennie shrugged out of the bra and allowed it to drop to the floor.

“OK,” she said firmly.  “You will do exactly as I say.  If you disobey me there will be consequences, do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Jennie,” Jeff said quickly.  She was standing only inches away, with her back to him; and he could smell the perfume of her shampoo.  He felt slightly giddy.

“This is your reward for taking those strokes well.  You may reach around in front of me and touch my nipples with your index fingers,” she told him.  “Stroke them very gently.  If you touch any other part of me, I will punish you.”

Carefully Jeff reached around and placed his index fingers over each of Jennie’s nipples.  He allowed them to very gently brush the skin.  As soon as he made contact, Jennie groaned and leaned back into his arms.  She allowed her hands to stroke his thighs.  He felt her skirt press onto his cock.

“That’s good,” she said softly.  “Good boy.  Keep doing that.”

After a few seconds she spoke again.  “Right.  Now you can stroke my breasts with your hands.  Don’t squeeze them.  Just stroke the skin.  Tell me what you’re feeling,” she commanded.

Jeff allowed his battered hands to stroke the creamy skin of Jennie’s breasts.  As he did so she again pressed her bottom against his throbbing cock, rubbed her head on his chest, and sighed.

“They feel wonderful, Mistress Jennie,” he whispered.  “The skin is so soft, and your breasts are lovely and firm.”

“Was it worth the punishment for you to be able to touch them?” she asked gently.

“Oh yes!” He answered quickly.  Jennie chuckled.

“I knew you’d like to be my slave,” she told him.   “The way you look at me makes it very obvious.  OK, now you can squeeze them very softly.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Jeff responded immediately.

“I’m going to think up some other punishments for you before you come here again,” she told him.  “A few smacks on the hands is OK, but I need to make you suffer much more.”

Jeff let out a small groan.

“What’s wrong?” Jennie chuckled.  “You know you want it…and the more you suffer, the better the reward afterwards.  Tell me you want me to punish you.”

Jeff screwed his eyes closed again.  It was crazy, but this treatment was driving him wild.  He knew now why Jennie told him he’d be having sex more often with his wife – he would ravish her as soon as he got home!

“I want you to punish me please, Mistress Jennie,” he said obediently.

Jennie turned around and pressed her breasts against his bare chest.  She reached her hands around and cupped his buttocks in her hands.

“Hmmm,” she said.  “I think the first thing that needs to happen is to get you to a gym more often.  You’re not really overweight, but you need to firm up.  I think Cheryl would appreciate that.  You’ll start tomorrow…and I want to see some serious progress by next week.  Take a small tip from me; if you can cut out the alcohol for the next week you’ll lose some weight and your muscle tone will look better anyway.  As an incentive, the more you get toned up, the less painful punishment you’ll have to endure for a reward.  Am I making myself clear, Jeff?”

“Yes, Mistress Jennie,” Jeff said.

“OK,” she said briskly.  “Get those shelves up.  You’ll need to go down on me again before you leave.  I’m really wet again.”

Jeff stumbled over to the corner and began to mark out the holes for the shelves.  His mind was numb.  What the fuck was he getting into?  Jennie was basically blackmailing him into being…what?  A sex slave?  Not a very accurate description since he didn’t seem to be getting any actual sex!

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