My Wife’s Sister: Chapter 04

Jeff went through to the dining room, where Jennie had already laid out the dust sheets and paint.  Every time he moved he could feel the butt plug up inside him.  It felt very odd, and yet it actually was quite…pleasant.  He’d never had anything up his arse in his life – he hadn’t even had a rectal examination by a doctor.

He finished the painting in about half an hour, and took the roller and tray through to the utility room to clean them.  While he’d been working he’d heard Jennie on the phone several times, and once was to Cheryl.  She’d come through to where he was painting as she spoke to his wife and stood there watching him.

As Jennie had instructed he came through to the lounge where she was watching TV.

“I’m finished Mistress,” he said.

“You can make me a cup of tea then,” she said without looking at him.  “Not too strong.  White, no sugar.”

A few minutes later Jeff carefully put the tea down on the table next to Jennie’s chair.  He was careful to put it on a coaster.  Jennie continued to ignore him and watch the TV.  After a minute or so she sighed.

“Was there something?” she asked, still not looking at him.

“If you please Mistress…well, you said I could worship your boots,” Jeff said hesitantly.

Jennie laughed.  “Oh my god, you should hear yourself!” she told him.  “You’re so pathetic.  Until two days ago you thought of me as some kind of sex object.  All the time you’ve known me you’ve been fantasizing about fucking me, haven’t you?”

Jeff looked down at the floor in shame.

“Answer me!” Jennie cried.

“Sorry Mistress, yes I have.  I’m…” Jeff stammered.

“Oh shut up!” Jennie said, reaching for her tea.  “I don’t know why I bother.”

She took a sip.  “At least you make decent tea.” She admitted.  “But you forgot the biscuits.  Rich Tea…in the cupboard above the kettle.  Just two biscuits, that’s enough.”

Jeff hurried to fetch the biscuits, and brought them back on a small plate.  On instinct he dropped to his knees and offered the plate to Jennie.  She took one of the biscuits and nibbled it as she sipped her tea.

Jeff stayed in position while Jennie finished her tea.

“Why is your cock hard?” Jennie demanded.

“I’m sorry Mistress,” Jeff said, blushing.  “I don’t know.  Well I know you’re very beautiful.  I’m sure that’s why.”

“Of course I am,” Jennie said, smiling.  “Am I more beautiful than Cheryl?”

Jeff groaned inwardly.  He knew this was a trick question.

“If it pleases you Mistress, it’s difficult to compare you,” he said hesitantly.

Jennie laughed.  “That’s a cop out,” she said, putting the empty cup down.  “You know the answer to my question.  Tell me the truth.”

Jeff took a deep breath.

“Cheryl is very beautiful, but sometimes you look very sexy – sexier than she does,” he said carefully.

Jennie considered his answer.

“And do you want to have sex with me?  Since you find me so sexy,” she asked.

“It would be wrong, but yes I would love to have sex with you,” he replied.

“Is that why you’re hard then?” she pressed.  “You think you’re going to have sex with me?”

“I don’t know Mistress.  It’s very confusing to me,” Jeff said.  “Maybe it’s because you’re teasing me so much.  I can see you right here in front of me, but I’m not allowed to have you.”

“And that’s exciting for you?” Jennie asked, with a wicked smile.

“It’s very exciting, yes Mistress,” he answered.

Jennie considered his answers for a few seconds.

“And because you think you’re never, ever going to actually be able to have sex with me,” she said.  “And only very rarely will I allow you to even touch me, you get a pathetic little thrill from being able to kiss my boots.  Is that a fair summary of what’s going on in that tiny mind of yours?”

“Y…yes Mistress, it is,” he admitted.

Jennie changed the channel on the TV until she found something interesting to watch.  Then she pointed to her left boot.  Jeff put down the plate and lowered his head towards her foot.  He held his lips a few millimetres away from the tight leather and paused.

“May I begin, please, Mistress?” he asked.

“Nice touch, asking permission,” she chuckled.  “I approve…yes, you may begin.  Do not touch them with your hands.  Only your tongue and lips.”

She continued to watch TV as Jeff licked and kissed her boots.  Occasionally she indicated that he should repeat a particular section, or transfer to the other boot.  After ten minutes of worship, the TV program she was watching ended and she clicked off the TV.

“Go and start putting the pictures up,” she ordered.  I’ll come and show you where they go.”

For the next hour Jeff followed Jennie’s instructions on where to drill holes, and knock in picture hooks.  Every movement he made reminded him of the rubbery butt plug stuck up his arse.

As he was holding one particular picture Jennie stood right behind him, the silky material of her trenchcoat brushed against his naked back.  She reached around and gently stroked his nipples.

“Hmm,” she whispered.  “I wonder if that’s the right place for this picture.  I can’t make my mind up.”

She pinched down on the soft skin between her fingers and Jeff squirmed.  She made him try three different pictures before she was happy.

“All done!” she said with satisfaction.  “And it’s really starting to look like I own this place now.  I’m going to give you a reward for your hard work!”

“Thank you Mistress!” Jeff said eagerly.

“You get to choose between twenty ruler strokes on your hands – ten on each,” she said with a smile.  “Or if you don’t fancy that I have another suggestion for you.”

“It hurts when you hit my hands Jen…sorry Mistress Jennie,” he said sullenly.

“Oh so you’d prefer to lick the shit off the buttplug then?” she asked.

“What?” he said in amazement.

“That’s your alternative,” she answered reasonably.  “Take the butt plug out of your arse and lick it clean.  I want it spotless.”

“Oh God Jen…Mistress Jennie,” he blubbered.  “I can’t do that.  I’m sorry, I just can’t.”

Jennie folder her arms and sighed.  “So it’s the ruler on your hands then?”

Jeff groaned.  Why did it have to be either?

“Mistress Jennie,” he asked nervously.  “Why are you punishing me?  I’ve done everything you asked, surely.”

She smiled.  “I’m not punishing you slave!” she told him.  “This is a reward.  Surely you know what an honor it is for me to be spending time on you?

He thought for a few seconds.  Licking the butt plug was definitely out of the question; but  if he refused, if he dared to disobey, then Jennie would use the photos she’d taken of him.  He nodded reluctantly.

“Good,” Jennie said.  “It’s getting late and I want you to go down on me afterwards, so go and fetch the ruler.  It’s on the kitchen worktop.”

Jeff took the punishment as bravely as he could.  His hands were still a bit tender from the punishment Jennie had given him two days earlier.  But he tried to put it out of his mind and remember how totally sexy Jennie looked in her tightly belted raincoat and thigh boots.  He’d love to take her in his arms and feel what she was wearing under the coat.  Why didn’t his wife wear stuff like this?

After the punishment he was required to crawl on his hands and knees after Jennie and back into the lounge.  She relaxed into her favourite armchair with a deep sigh and opened the trenchcoat enough for him to get at her pussy.  He saw now that she was totally naked underneath it.  Her pussy was already dripping wet, and he eagerly got to work with his tongue.  He would be taking his sexual frustration out on Cheryl again later, but he would need to be extra careful to make sure she was totally satisfied before he could come himself.  He remembered Jennie’s warning.

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