My Wife’s Sister: Chapter 05

The German business trip was a nightmare.  Jeff only got a couple of hours sleep before he had to wake up to get to the airport.  His whole body ached, but his balls were particularly painful.  And they hurt even more when the plane was climbing and descending for some reason.

By the time he arrived in Munich it was lunchtime, and he called Cheryl to see if he could explain things.  But again, the call bounced to voicemail.

He jumped online and ordered a big bouquet of flowers to be sent to her office.  The only words he wanted on the card were “Please forgive me.  All my love.  Jeff.”

He didn’t know what else he could do.  He wanted the week to fly by so that he could get home and try to patch things up with Cheryl.

For lunch he joined the group of his colleagues from all over Europe who were there for the same meeting.  He saw a friend he knew from Corporate HQ in the US, Lisa.  She always liked to spend time with him and she came over to sit with him during the meal.  They chatted, and she remarked that he seemed a bit subdued – not his normal self.

“Gosh I’m sorry Lisa,” he sighed.  “I’m actually feeling a bit under the weather.  You should be careful actually.  I’d hate to pass this onto you.”

“You were always very careful Jeff!” Lisa whispered to him, and she giggled suggestively.

Jeff tried to smile.  “This is so embarrassing,” he told her.  “I wish I could be my normal self Lisa.  I’m so sorry.”

Lisa looked disappointed.

“Gee Jeff, I was sort of hoping we could pick up where we left off last March,” she said.

“That would have been great,” Jeff said.  “But seriously, I feel like crap.” He lowered his voice to a whisper.  “I’m so sorry.  If you could see my…my man parts.  They’re really swollen, and so painful.”

“My god, you poor baby!  Actually you do look poorly.  There are dark smudges under your eyes,” Lisa said, looking like she wanted to hold him, but aware they were surrounded by colleagues.

Good grief, she was so pretty, and she was amazing in bed.  Jeff knew from personal experience because the two of them had shared a very exhausting couple of weeks the previous March.  Things had not been going well with Cheryl at the time, and Lisa had been so…understanding.

Lisa toyed with her glass for a few seconds.

“You know,” she said hesitantly.  “I don’t get out of HQ that much.  I was sort of looking forward to some playtime this trip.  I know it’s not your fault, but…”

“It’s OK,” Jeff said.  “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“Well Mark in HR is so cute,” Lisa said gingerly.  “And he did drop a few hints when I was talking to him earlier.  It’s just that I really like you Jeff…”

Jeff smiled.  “Lisa, you should go and talk to him.  He is really cute,” he told her.  “Honestly.  I feel like the unluckiest man on the planet because I missed this opportunity with you.  But I’d love to see you have a good time, with whomever you like.  Maybe we’ll have another chance in the future if you still want to do that.”

Lisa gave him a sympathetic smile.  “Wow Jeff I think you’re the most understanding man I’ve ever met!” Lisa whispered.  “Gosh do you really mean what you just said?”

“I do,” he told her.  “I don’t want to see you miss out.  I know you were looking forward to…playtime.  So I want you to go and play.  I’m just sorry it can’t be with me.”

“I want to kiss you Jeff, I think you’re so sweet,” she said, smiling.  “But you know I can’t, right?  Not in front of everyone.”

“I know,” Jeff said sadly.  “And I don’t want to risk passing something on, so maybe it’s best to be cautious.  Look, Mark’s over there now on his own.  Why don’t you go and say hello?”

Lisa glanced over to the far side of the room.

“You’re a prince,” she whispered, and touched his hand briefly.  “You really are.  I promise, next time sweetie.  And I really hope you feel better soon.”

Lisa smiled and got up.  Jeff watched her fabulously toned Californian bottom wiggle over to where Mark was sitting.  When she said hello to him Jeff thought he looked like a man who’d won the lottery.  You lucky, lucky bastard!  He thought.


The week in Germany had been extremely subdued for him.  He was so tired and in so much pain that he hit the sack early most nights.  Luckily his main presentation hadn’t been until the Thursday, and he was so well prepared for it, and completely sober when he delivered it, that everyone had been seriously impressed.  His boss had been delighted by his performance, and even told him about an upcoming bonus he’d earned from the previous quarter.

On the Tuesday morning he’d received a terse email from Cheryl.

Don’t bother leaving any more voice mails.  I just delete them without listening.  I cannot believe how totally insensitive you are!  And by the way, I gave the catsuit to Jennie.  She wanted to wear it for a party next week.  You obviously don’t find me very sexy in it.

He cried when he saw those words.  He’d certainly be seeing Jennie wearing the catsuit, but he’d never be allowed to make love to her.  Sarah would get the benefit most likely.  And he’d been so close to making love to Cheryl dressed in that most erotic fantasy outfit.  He knew he’d never persuade her to wear anything like that again.

At first it had been agonizing to see Lisa and Mark together during the week.  It was clear that they’d been screwing since the very first night.  But Jeff realised that he was actually missing Cheryl a lot more than any sexual feelings he had for Lisa.  He dreamed of Cheryl every night.  Sadly most of them were nightmares, where he found that she’d moved all his possessions onto the lawn by the time he got home.

Lisa had shared a cab with Jeff on the way out to Munich airport that morning and had been so grateful for his understanding about Mark.  She’d also promised him a great time on his next visit to HQ.  Jeff thanked her, but he explained how much better things were now with his wife.  He apologized because he felt he’d used Lisa just for sex – even though he really liked her company too.  He told her that she should go after Mark properly – after all he wasn’t married, and was a very nice guy.

“You’re wife’s a lucky lady,” Lisa told him.

“Oh no,” he said.  “It’s me who’s the lucky one.”

Jeff pulled into his driveway at about seven o’clock on the Friday evening.  His balls had finally stopped aching.  The marks of the strap had faded in a couple of days, and the only real sign of the punishment Sarah had inflicted was some bruising on his feet where she’d ground her heels into them while he was helpless. 

His wife was sitting in the lounge watching TV.  It looked like she might have been crying.

“Hi,” He said hesitantly.  Cheryl ignored him.

“I brought you a present,” he added, and placed a small, gift-wrapped box on the arm of the chair.

Cheryl picked it up and started to open it without looking at him.

“This had better be jewelry,” she said in disgust.

She threw the gift wrapping on the floor and opened the box.  She gasped as she saw the gold watch nestling in the silky lining.

“Is that…real?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said quietly.

“You bought me a Rolex?” she gaped at him.

“I’ve been given a bonus for the work I did last quarter,” he said, feeling tears well up in his eyes.  “All those extra hours I put in, remember?  I wanted to spend it on somebody I love.  I wanted to spend it on you Cheryl.”

She was holding a hand to her mouth, and was also on the point of crying again.

“I’m so sorry for hurting you darling.  I’m really, really sorry,” he told her.

“Oh Jeff this is so…extravagant,” Cheryl said.  “But it’s lovely.  I don’t know what to say.”

“I know what I want you to say, but I know I still don’t deserve your forgiveness,” he said.  “If you tell me what I can do to earn it, I will do that my darling.  I promise you I will.”

Cheryl carefully put the watch down.  She stood up and slowly walked over to Jeff.  She held out her right hand and he took it.

“I don’t really understand why you did it,” she whispered.  “But you seem to be genuinely sorry.  You really hurt me Jeff.  We seemed to be…so in tune with each other that day.”

“I know sweetheart,” he said, tears tumbling from his eyes.  “I don’t understand it myself, honestly I don’t.  I wish I could explain it.”

“Thank you for the flowers,” she smiled.  “They were lovely.  All the girls in the office were so jealous.”

“Why don’t you try the watch on?” he said, smiling.  “I’d love to see you wear it.”

“It’s so nice though,” she whispered.  “You should take it back and we can spend the money on something else.  I thought you wanted a…”

“No!” he said firmly.  “I don’t care about anything I want, except that I want you to be happy.”

Cheryl looked puzzled.  “I wish I could understand what you’re really thinking,” she said.

“I’m thinking how beautiful my wife is,” he told her.  “And how much I’ve missed her.  And how desperately sorry I am that I hurt her.”

Cheryl’s eyes filled with tears now.  She nodded slowly.

“Why don’t you come to bed?” she whispered.

He smiled.  “I’d like that,” he told her.

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