My Wife’s Sister: Chapter 06

Two hours later Cheryl was groaning with pleasure.  He’d spent every second of the time making her happy.  From a slow massage with her favourite body lotion, to the most careful attention to every aspect of her sexual needs.  She’d climaxed at least five times.  The last time she’d begged him for a break.

“I’m so thirsty!” she cried.

“I’ll go and get you a drink,” Jeff said immediately.  “Tell me what you’d like.”

Cheryl giggled.  “You’re crazy, did you know that?  One minute we’re about to have kinky sex, then you run out to the pub with your mates and you leave me feeling humiliated, and now you’re wanting to wait on me hand and foot.  And you haven’t even had your orgasm yet.  I don’t understand you, I really don’t.”

“Don’t even try,” he grinned.  “I don’t even understand me.  Now tell me what I can bring you.”

“I need some water first, I’m really thirsty!” Cheryl told him.  “And a vodka and tonic would be lovely.”

“Have we got a fresh lemon for it?” he asked.

“No, but I froze some slices of lemon,” she replied.  “Freezer, top shelf on the right in a sandwich bag.” She smiled, knowing he could never find anything in the freezer unless she told him exactly where it was.  “The ice cubes are on the same shelf.”

“I’ll be back in a second,” he assured her.

As he passed his jacket he picked up his mobile phone.  He hit Jennie’s number and she answered on the fourth ring.

“Mistress, I’m sorry to bother you,” he whispered “but I need to ask your permission for something.”

“Well?  I’m busy,” Jennie said curtly.

“I’m sorry Mistress, but if you please,” he said quickly.  He knew he didn’t have long before Cheryl would be suspicious.  “Cheryl and I have made up and I think she’d be suspicious if I only make love to her once.  I’m begging you for permission to make love to her more than once if you please.”

“Oh really?” Jennie giggled.  “What did you buy her?  Oh don’t tell me.  I’m not interested.  So what will you give me in return?”

“I’m sorry Mistress?” he asked, puzzled.

“Well if I’m going to give you such a huge gift, I want something important in return,” Jennie demanded.  “What are you going to give me?”

“I already give you anything you want Mistress,” he pointed out.  “But please, tell me if there’s something I can give you.”

“Oh really?  You’re that desperate are you?” Jennie remarked.  “OK, let’s think.  Well I know how much Sarah enjoyed your little session on Saturday night.  She told me all about it.  Gosh, she was really quite turned on the next day.  She was at me all afternoon and through the night.  Hmmm.  That was nice actually.  So I want you to volunteer for another session with Sarah.  She won’t be able to use the strap on you unfortunately.  No more red marks for the moment.  Not until you travel again.  But I’m sure she’ll come up with something…challenging.”

Jeff shuddered at the thought of Sarah doing something “challenging” to him.

“Are you still there?” Jennie asked, the amusement obvious in her voice.

“Yes Mistress,” Jeff stammered.  “Please Mistress, Sarah is so…vicious.  She frightens me.”

“Good,” Jennie said.  “That’s the point.  So you’ll do it then?”

Jeff paused.  He knew Cheryl would be waiting.

“Yes Mistress,” he sighed.  Jennie just cleared the call without another word.

Jeff hurried to prepare Cheryl’s drinks and went back upstairs.  At least he could make the most of this evening.

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