My Wife’s Sister: Chapter 07

Since Jeff’s return from Germany things had gone very well indeed with Cheryl.  She’d apparently forgiven him for walking out on her that Saturday night to help her sister.  Not that he’d been offered any choice in the matter!

Even better, Jennie had taken a couple of week’s holiday in Spain with Sarah.  To be free of his domineering sister in law, even for a short time, was so amazing!

He and Cheryl had enjoyed a fantastic long weekend break at a luxury Bed and Breakfast hotel just outside Chester.  It was an old manor house, and served the most incredible breakfasts.  They went on long walks in the countryside together, and in the evening discovered a superb gastro-pub that was a short walk from the B&B.  Jeff had taken hundreds of photographs of Cheryl and the countryside, and the lovely city of Chester.  They both agreed it had been one of the nicest weekends they could ever remember.

At work Cheryl had finally been given a permanent position.  She’d been working as a temp for a graphic design agency, and had proven that she actually knew a damn sight more about it than some of the spotty young graduates they had working there.  And Jeff had spent hours with her, helping her to learn the applications she needed for the job.  Chas, her boss, a former hippy who still liked to wear his ponytail, had recognized her abilities but simply couldn’t afford the headcount to hire her permanently.  But then one of the spotty graduates had decided to take a “year off to see the world” and promptly resigned.  Chas immediately offered Cheryl the job, and she accepted right away.  Jeff took her out to the Japanese restaurant to celebrate.

Jeff began to seriously consider how he could untangle himself from Jennie’s clutches.  He still found the whole domination scene incredibly erotic.  But he felt so much in love with Cheryl these days that he was terrified that anything might ruin things between them.  He’d certainly done some stupid things himself in the past, but he was determined he would never risk hurting Cheryl again through his own actions.  How could he stop Jennie – or Sarah – from doing it though?  Jennie had come so close with that fiasco with Sarah!

And, like a sword hanging over his head, Jeff knew that he still owed Jennie a “challenging session” with Sarah.  He couldn’t begin to imagine what she’d dreamed up for him over the weeks she’d had to plan and scheme.

Then he got the call.  Jennie told him to be at her cottage that Friday night.  She made it clear he’d be spending time with her and Sarah.  And she’d already checked with Cheryl that he could be there.  He was trapped.

As Jeff pulled up to Jennie’s cottage he saw that Sarah’s BMW was already there.  He shook his head and sighed at the thought of another session involving Sarah.  She was incredibly cruel, and seemed to be increasingly jealous of him spending time with Jennie!  That was quite ironic when Jeff would have been quite happy not to spend any time with Jennie from now on!

Jennie opened the door wearing her…really Cheryl’s…catsuit and thigh length boots.  He saw that her lipstick was smeared – presumably where Sarah had been kissing her.

“Come in!” she said brightly.  “Do you like my catsuit?  Does it look a bit familiar?  Cheryl told me you didn’t even have a chance to touch her while she was wearing it?  Is that true?”

“Yes Mistress Jennie,” he replied miserably.  It was true.  He could easily have touched Cheryl at the time, but he was teasing himself, looking forward to holding her in his arms.  And that moment never came.

“That’s fucking hilarious!” Jennie laughed.  “That is so funny.  Get on your knees!”

He’d followed her through to the kitchen.  He dropped to his knees and Jennie turned to face him.  She moved so that she was literally an inch from his face.  He could feel her body heat pouring from the catsuit.  He also caught a whiff of…female sex.

“Can you smell it?” she chuckled.

“Yes Mistress,” he answered.

“I’m not surprised,” Jennie told him.  “Sarah and I have been playing already.  This catsuit drives her crazy.  She rubbed herself up this arm.  Can you smell her on me?”

Jennie carefully held her left arm under Jeff’s nose.  He really could smell Sarah’s juices on the shiny PVC.  He also saw there were smears on the glossy material.

“May I lick your sleeve clean please Mistress?” he asked, hopefully.

Jennie burst out laughing.  “Not a fucking chance, loser!” she giggled.  “You are not going to touch me in this catsuit, do you understand me?”

“Yes Mistress,” Jeff replied, obediently.

“Do you know what will happen if you do?” Jennie asked him, lowering her face until he could feel her breath with every word.  “Even if it’s an accident?”

“No Mistress,” he mumbled.

“You get the Deep Heat butt plug!  That’s what!” she said and laughed again at him.

“Please Mistress, don’t…” he began but she slapped him hard across the face, and again.

“Hold your head up!” she ordered.  She slapped him three more times.

“Sarah told me I’ve been much too soft on you,” Jennie said.  “I need to get really tough with you, don’t  I?  That’s what you need, isn’t it?  Tough love!”

Jeff nodded miserably.

“Say it!” Jennie ordered.

“I need tough love Mistress.  Please Mistress,” he mumbled.

“I bet you’ve forgotten all your manners over the past few weeks,” Jennie said.

She moved back close to him so the tight PVC was almost brushing his face.  He leaned back on his knees as she tried to get his nose to touch her.  She kept moving forward, and he kept leaning backwards until he fell over.

Jennie squealed with delight.  “Oh that was fun!  Get up!”

Jeff scrambled back to his knees and waited for instructions.

“I could do this all day, but Sarah’s waiting for you in the lounge.  Now move!” she ordered.

Jeff scrambled to his feet and hurried through to the lounge.

Sarah was sitting on the couch.  She was wearing tight black leather jeans, and a white T-shirt with an abstract logo on the front.  She had black stiletto boots under the jeans.  Her short brown hair was brushed back from her face, giving her quite a severe look.  It suited her though, Jeff thought.

“Well hello there slave!” Sarah said sarcastically.  “Feeling OK after our last meeting are we?”

Jeff gulped down a caustic remark, and said simply.  “Yes thank you Mistress Sarah.”

“Undress,” Sarah ordered.

Jeff quickly undressed and folded his clothes in the corner as he’d been taught.

“I’ve brought you a present,” Sarah said, pointing to a small fitness bench that sat in front of the sofa.

“Err.  Thanks.  Thank you Mistress Sarah,” he said uncertainly.

Sarah laughed.  “Right!  I’m sure you won’t be thanking me when you understand what we’re going to do to you.”

Jennie came back into the lounge and sat down next to Sarah.  She pointed at Sarah’s left boot and clicked her fingers.  Jeff dropped to the floor immediately to begin worshipping them.  Sarah laughed again.

“OK,” she said.  “I admit he’s well trained.  But I still want him gone.  I don’t want you seeing him.  And I hate him fucking licking my boots – he’s a fucking dirty animal!” Sarah pressed the sharp heel of her boot into the top of Jeff’s hand.  He grunted in pain.

“But sweetheart,” Jennie said.  “He’s been so useful around the house.  And once I have him all worked up he’s desperate to get his hands on my sister.  She keeps telling me how good her sex life is now.  And besides which, I know how you like to hurt him.”

“But we can’t hurt him properly!” Sarah complained.  “We can’t whip him in case Cheryl finds out.  There’s only so much we can do without leaving marks, Jennie.  Even last time I had to make do with a belt.  I want to cane him, or whip him.  Those marks will be there for weeks.  They might even be permanent.”

“Well maybe this new idea will work,” Jennie said.

Jeff was growing more and more alarmed as he listened to the girls talking.  What had they got planned for him now?  Last time was bad enough – that bitch had nearly killed him!

“Lie down on the fitness bench!” Jennie ordered.

Jeff scrambled to his feet, and the girls told him to move the bench closer to the sofa.  Then he lay down on it and wiggled into position.  Sarah and Jennie secured his wrists and ankles to the legs of the bench using lengths of gaffer tape.

“Try to get your hands free,” Jennie ordered him.  Jeff twisted his wrists and tried to wriggle free of the tape.  He found he could stretch the tape enough to slide his left wrist out.

“I see the problem,” Sarah said.  “He can use his arm as a lever to stretch the tape.”

“Well that’s no good is it?” Jennie complained.  “How can we stop him doing that?”

Sarah considered the problem for a moment.  “If we can tape his elbow to something it’ll work,” she said thoughtfully.  “Look – I can slide the tape through here…”

In a few minutes Jeff was totally helpless.  The girls had added extra bands of tape to his elbows, and his knees.  They’d also used lengths of clothesline to wrap around his thighs, waist and his neck.  He was completely helpless now.

Jennie knelt down near his head and brushed her lips across his cheek gently.  The sound of the catsuit creaking as she moved was delicious.  He felt himself grow hard.

“The reason we need you to be so secure is that Sarah’s going to do something you’re really not going to like,” Jennie whispered.

“Please Mistress!” Jeff begged.  “Please don’t let her.  What have I done?  Why are you punishing me!  I’ve followed all your orders Mistress!”

“Oh poor baby!” Jennie said softly.  “I’d never punish you, or allow you to be punished, unless you deserved it.  You know what you’ve done wrong.”

Jeff swallowed hard and racked his brains.  “No… I’m sorry Mistress.  Please Jennie, I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.  I followed all your orders.  I’m making Cheryl happy.  I’ve stopped wanking completely now.  I haven’t been bad!  Please!”

Jennie held his head still.  “Shhhh,” she said gently.  “Calm down sweetheart.  You won’t be able to think if you’re panicking, will you?”

“But please Mistress!” Jeff begged.  “Why are you letting her hurt me?”

Jennie kissed him on the lips, letting her tongue slide gently into his mouth.  She kissed him for a long time, until he’d calmed down, his penis was throbbing like mad now.

“You know, don’t you?” Jennie said quietly.  Jeff caught his breath in a kind of sob and shook his head slowly.

“OK then.  Maybe you’re suppressing it,” Jennie said softly.  “While Sarah’s working on you I think you need to really focus on why this is happening to you.  Why I’m allowing it to happen to you.  You need to dig deep and figure it out Jeff.  Will you try to do that for me?”

Jeff was breathing hard already, his mind in a panic.  He nodded dumbly.

“Good boy,” Jennie said, kissing him gently on the cheek.  “I’ll let Sarah show you what’s going to happen now.”

While Jennie had been talking to Jeff, Sarah had brought a bowl of water in from the kitchen.  She placed it on the floor next to the fitness bench.

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