Cruella Movie Script

A while ago I noticed one of the Dommes from Cruella posting on a BDSM forum, and asking for feedback on a new movie style they were developing.  I responded and also suggested a couple of ideas for domination scenes.  We ended up doing some one to one email exchanges, and I developed this movie script as a suggestion.  Sadly it’s a bit too complex for a typical FemDom shoot.  But I thought I’d post it here for you to enjoy.

One of the points I was explaining was the use of chastity in FemDom scenes.  It was only just starting to creep into movies at that stage – led by the amazing Maitresse Madeleine (who is now at Kink).

I love the Cruella movies because they’re so “gritty” and real.  It’s interesting to contrast them with a production house such as Kink, or ClubDom.  These latter two are, of course, American whereas Cruella is very British indeed.

The ClubDom movies in particular are shot in swanky American houses with huge rooms and marble floors.  The Cruella movies are often shot on a farm, or an industrial interior made to look like a prison.




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