Cruella Movie Script: Synopsis


John is married to Susan.  Susan has put John into chastity to improve his behaviour, and is paying Mistress X to enforce discipline upon him.

In these three scenes we’ll see a number of traditional “chastity activities”.

  • Clarifying when was the last time the slave was permitted to come.
  • Checking that the device has not been tampered with.
  • Performing a “prostate milking” – which is an act of ritual humiliation.
  • Reviewing behaviour (chastity is often used as an incentive to modify the behaviour of a slave).
  • Forcing the slave to punish himself.
  • Undergoing some kind of corporal punishment to make amends for lapses in behaviour.

All three scenes take part during John’s first appointment with Mistress X.

  • Scene 1:  Is basically a verbal humiliation scene in which Mistress X establishes her domination over John.
  • Scene 2: This is a prostate milking scene with additional verbal humiliation and punishment from an electric dog collar.
  • Scene 3: A traditional whipping punishment scene, possible also using the electric dog collar.

I’m going to focus on Scenes 1 and 2 because they are more chastity-specific.  You guys are the masters at whipping scenes, so I’ll go into very little detail for Scene 3.


Suggested attire.

John will arrive in a business suit, since we’re supposed to believe he is a rich businessman.

Mistress X should wear traditional dominant dress.  Mistress Jo’s typical riding outfit, with her gorgeous thigh high boots would be ideal.



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