Cruella Movie Script: Scene 1

Scene 1: Verbal Humiliation


{A lounge.  Mistress X is seated in an armchair.  There is a small side table that holds a clipboard, and anything else she might need during the session.}

{Off camera there is a knock at the door.}

Mistress X: “Come in.”

{John enters.  He is dressed in a business suit.}

Mistress X:      “Ah, you must be John.  You’re three minutes late.”

John:                 “Er…sorry about that.  There was a traffic jam on the…”

Mistress X:      “Shut up!  That’s none of my concern.  You’ve treated my time with disrespect.  I’m doubling your punishment.  Now stand there while we discuss your situation.”

{She points to a spot three feet in front of her.  John moves to it, and puts his hands in his pockets.}

Mistress X:      “Take your fucking hands out of your pockets and stand up straight!  Were you trying to touch yourself then?”

John:                 “No…err…”

Mistress X:      “Didn’t your wife explain to you?  You will address me as Mistress at all times!  You just earned another ten strokes!”

John:                 “I’m sorry, Mistress!”

Mistress X:      “You will be, believe me!  And I should think you’d be more careful about touching yourself in public.  According to Susan’s email that’s what got you into this mess in the first place, isn’t it?”

John:                 “Yes, Mistress.”

Mistress X:      “Now get your clothes off and let’s make sure you haven’t been tampering with yourself.”

John:                 “Look, err…Mistress.   I really don’t know about this…”

{She stands and paces around John}.

Mistress X:      “You don’t know about what?  Are you so stupid that you don’t realise your pathetic fucking life has changed forever?  You’ve got no say in this at all!  One phone call from me and your wife will use those photographs of your sordid little wanking sessions, and in the divorce she’ll take you for every last fucking penny!  Now in the first five minutes of your appointment you’ve earned an extra ten strokes for cheek, and your total punishment was doubled for being late.  You’re not doing very well, are you, John?”

John:                 “N…no, Mistress.”

Mistress X:      “So why don’t you get your shit together and start following orders?  Get your fucking clothes off now!”

{She resumes her seat, and looks at John expectantly}

{John hesitates, and then begins to undress.  He drops the clothes on the floor.}

Mistress X:      “You will not make a mess in my house!  Fold your clothes tidily on that chair!  Ten more strokes for slovenliness!”

{He obeys.  John is now naked.  He is wearing a chastity device.  Mistress X beckons him to approach her.  She consults her clipboard}

Mistress X:      “So John, how long have you been locked away?”

John:                 “Thirty four days, Mistress.”

Mistress X:      “Oh that’s right, Susan wanted an appointment for you last week and I was fully booked.  What a shame you had to wait an extra week.  You don’t mind that, do you, slave?  I was worth waiting for, wasn’t I?”

John:                 “Of course, Mistress.”

Mistress X:      “Thirty four days.  That’s quite a long time for your first spell in chastity.  Are your balls nice and tender?”

John:                 “Yes, Mistress…they really ache.”

Mistress X:      “Excellent.  Now let’s just check the number that Susan sent me against the tag you’re wearing.”

{She leans forward and carefully inspects the plastic tag on the chastity device}

Mistress X:      “Hmmm.   That seems to match, luckily for you.  At least you haven’t tried to remove it.  I really don’t think you want to know what would happen in that case, do you, slave?”


Author’s note:  There are generally three kinds of lock used on chastity devices.

  1. A padlock and key.  The key is normally worn visibly around the “Keyholder’s” neck.  The Keyholder can be one’s sexual partner, or can even be a third party.
  2. A combination lock.  Usually a 4-digit lock.  Used to allow remote release from chastity, or to play interrogation games.
  3. A numbered tag.  A small, plastic tag that seals the device.  It has a unique number so the Keyholder will always know if the chastity slave has tampered with it.

John:                 “No, Mistress, I would never try to take it off.”

Mistress X:      “We’ll know if you do, your wife and I!  Remember that!”

{Mistress X examines John’s body.  She is not impressed.}

Mistress X:      “Dear me.  Too many business lunches, and too little exercise.  I think we need to change that, don’t we slave?”

John:                 “I…I try to keep in shape, Mistress.”

Mistress X:      “Well you don’t try very hard, obviously!  Have you wondered if you’ll ever be allowed to have an orgasm again slave?  Has that thought ever crossed your tiny, pathetic little mind?”

John:                 “Yes, Mistress.  But my wife told me I was never to ask for it.  I was never supposed to even talk about it, Mistress.”

Mistress X:      “And she is correct.  But if you ever dare to hope that it will happen one day, then I think we need to start by getting some of this flab off.  Luckily I’ve got the perfect motivational program for you, isn’t that nice?”

John:                 “Yes Mistress.”

Mistress X:      “You’ll be getting a taste of your regular punishment later.  But let me just tell you about some of the other things that could happen if you don’t cooperate, or you don’t achieve the goals I’ll set for you.  How about we get these nipples pierced, for example?  And that cock?  Perhaps you’d like to be branded?  And if you really don’t respond to the program, we can use some very nasty and painful chastity devices on you…they have spikes!  Won’t that be nice?”

John:                 “Please Mistress, I’ll try really hard, I promise.  You don’t need to…”

Mistress X:      “We’ll see won’t we?  And if you do well, then some nice things might happen.  Do you like my boots slave?”

John:                 “Yes Mistress, they’re very sexy.”

Mistress X:      “If you’re a good boy, I might let you kiss them.  And if you’re very, very good I might even allow you to masturbate in front of me.  Do you think that will empty those balls a bit?  Stop them aching so much?”

John:                 “That would be wonderful!  Please can I, Mistress?”

{She slaps him twice across the face.}

Mistress X:      “No you fucking can’t!  You moron!  You’ll be allowed to do nice things if and when you earn them, do you understand me?”

John:                 “Ouch!  Th…that hurt…”

{Mistress X laughs and slaps him three more times.}

Mistress X:      “Did that hurt too?  And does this?” {She presses on his foot with her boot} “You don’t get to complain about that you dickhead!  Ten more strokes for insolence!”

{She keeps pressing on his foot, and now scrapes her heel down his calf.}

Mistress X:      “Keep still!  You’ll learn to value any touch from me, do you understand me?”

John:                 “Y…yes Mistress, I’m sorry!”

Mistress X:      “Well we’d better got on with it!  You’re paying through the fucking nose for this session slave, so let me show you something we need to get done.  Follow me!”


{They exit}


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