Cruella Movie Script: Scene 2

 Scene 2: Prostate Milking


Author’s Note:

Prostate milking is a classic “ceremony” in chastity play.  The theory goes that if a man is prevented from orgasm for an extended period, there could be side effects on his body.  Sperm can be re-absorbed, but prostate fluid may accumulate, and cause the gland to swell.  This can cause health issues, and even lead to increased risk of prostate cancer.

It’s possible to use anal stimulation to massage the prostate, and cause the fluid to drip out.  The process can take quite a while – ten to twenty minutes, and it needs to be done gently or the prostate can become irritated.  So I’ve used the dog collar as a way to keep action going while the milking takes place.

How does one milk the prostate?

The prostate gland can be accessed by sliding something a couple of inches inside the anus.  There are dedicated prostate massage devices on the market, or it can be stimulated manually with a finger.  In the context of a Domme session, the massage needs to be as clinical as possible, so I’d suggest the use of an electric massager – basically an anal vibrator.

Here are some dedicated prostate massagers:   (a manual device)  (an electric device)

Using an electric massager, Mistress X does not have to show too much attention to the slave, and can also torment him at the “other end” while the massage is going on.

In terms of the position of the slave, I would suggest he kneels on a dining room chair, and rests on the table, so his penis is hanging downwards.  In this scene I’ll suggest a way that the prostate milk can be collected, so the slave can be forced to lick it up afterwards.



{A lounge, possibly the same room as in Scene 1.  John is kneeling on a dining chair, and leaning onto the table.  He is naked, and still wearing the chastity device.  Mistress X is wearing disposable latex gloves, and holding an electric prostate massager.  She is applying generous amounts of lube to it.}

Mistress X: “So, is this the first time you’ll have something rammed up your arse, slave?”

John:                 “Y…yes, Mistress.”

Mistress X:      “Oh dear.  Well perhaps you’ll enjoy it, you never know.  I don’t give a fuck what you think, frankly.  Now just relax and let me slide this in.”

Author’s note:

There can be some back and forth between them if John tries to resist the insertion, and Mistress X has to threaten him with more punishment.

But let’s assume she successfully inserts the device, and turns it on.  More back and forth getting John to describe if he likes it.


Mistress X:      “Now let’s just put this shower cap over your dick to collect all that milk.”

{She uses a disposable shower cap…like you’d find in a hotel bathroom.  This is elasticated, and usually stays in place over the scrotum and penis.  Mistress X then moves to talk to John.}

Mistress X:      “What can we do while we’re waiting?  I know, let me show you one of the toys that Susan has bought for you.  You’ll be taking it home with you so she can use it on you between our sessions.”


{She brings out an electric dog collar.}


Author’s Note:

These electric dog collars are widely available on EBay.  It’s essential to get a “static shock” version with as many levels as possible.

You’ll see a 100 Level Dog Trainer Collar at about 30 pounds.


John:                 “What is it please Mistress?”

Mistress X:      “Why don’t I show you slave?”

{She takes the shock box part and presses the prongs down onto the back of John’s hand.}

John:                 “Jesus – I recognize it now.  It’s an electric dog collar!  Please don’t use that on me!”

Mistress X:      “You’re going to love it!  You’d better love it, because Susan will be making you wear this around the house from now on.  Any time she doesn’t like what you’re doing she can let you know, can’t she?  I want you to ask me nicely to shock you.  The nicer you ask, the lower the setting.”

John:                 “Please don’t!”

Mistress X:      “Oh dear, that’s really not a nice way to ask.  That’s a Level 70.”

{She presses the button and John screams.}

Mistress X:      “Would you like to try again slave?  Ask me nicely.”

John:                 “That really fucking hurts!  Take it away!”

Mistress X:      “I’m not sure you’re really grasping the concept yet slave.  Let’s try level 80.”

{She dials up the power and presses the button again.  These devices normally beep or flash when they deliver a shock, so the audience will get some idea of what’s happening too.  Hopefully John will scream a bit louder this time.}

Mistress X:      “Do you have something you want to say to me slave?”

John:                 “P…please Mistress…will you shock me?”

Mistress X:      “Very good.  The penny finally dropped, did it?  OK, that’s a Level 40.  See how nice I can be when you’re not a total fucking idiot?”

{John flinches, and maybe gasps, but it’s obvious that this is a lower intensity.}

Mistress X:      “Let’s try your other hand.  Count me down from three this time, and I will shock you at zero.  Off you go.”

{John hesitates, and maybe even sobs a bit.}

John:                 “Th…three, two, one…”

Mistress X:      “I’m waiting, slave.  Your stupidity just raised the level back to 70.  It’s got plenty more to go if you want to fuck me around again!”

John:                 “Zero!  Please Mistress, I’m sorry!  Zero!”

{She presses the button, and John screams again.}

Mistress X:      “We’ve got plenty of time left in our session slave.  Maybe I can fit you in for some overtime.  It’ll only cost you double, and that’s a bargain, isn’t it?  Susan already gave me your credit card number, and that’s what all this is going to be billed to.  So let’s try the countdown again.  I’ll dial it back to 60 as long as you do this properly.”

John:                 “Three…two…one…z…zero.”

{John screams louder than ever as she presses the button.}

Mistress X:      “Oops.  You know I think I might have turned that up, not down.  Silly me.  Let’s try that again, shall we?  I promise I’ll turn it down this time.”

John:                 “Three, two, one, zero.”

{John just yelps this time.}

Mistress X:      “Good boy!  Now let’s see how your milking is coming along.”  {She checks the shower cap}  “Gosh, what a lot of milk!  And we’re not finished yet!  Let’s keep playing with your new dog collar, shall we?”

John:                 “Yes Mistress.”

Mistress X:      “Did you know, it can be used on other places on your body?  Let me show you.  And this time you get to hold the control.  It’s set at 60 still.”

{She hands him the radio control unit}

Mistress X:      “I’m going to hold the prongs against one of these fucking huge man boobs of yours.  The prongs are either side of your nipple, so it’s going to get fried when you press that button, isn’t it?  And please remember to answer nicely.”

John:                 “Yes, Mistress.”

Mistress X:      “Good.  Now I will count this time.  When I get to zero you press the red button.  If you don’t press it immediately, then I’ll just dial up the power.  You understand you’re not going to win this one, don’t you slave?”

John:                 “Yes Mistress.  I just want to get it over with…I’ll do what you say, I promise!”

Mistress X:      “And cheer up!  You’d better learn to like this device.  I’ve told Susan she should use it on you all the time.  OK, here we go.  Three, two, one, zero!”

{John presses the button, there is a beep that is drowned out by his scream.}

Mistress X:      “It’s better on your nipple than your hand, isn’t it?”

John:                 “Yes Mistress, thank you.”

Mistress X:      “Let’s do the other side, shall we?”



Author’s Note:

Mistress X now repeats the process on John’s other nipple, and then moves to his ears, and the soles of his feet.  You can play around with how cooperative John is.

At some point you can say that the milking is over.  Mistress X removes the massager, and examines the contents of the bag.  Prostate fluid is clear and colourless.  Sometimes it’s called “precum”.  But it means you can always fake it if there isn’t enough, by using sugar syrup, or a pectin solution.



Mistress X:      “What a lot of milk!  Now here’s a nice treat for you.  I want you to lick up every drop!”

John:                 “B…but that’s disgusting!  I’m sorry Mistress, but I don’t think I can…”

Mistress X:      “It’s your own prostate milk slave!  You expect Susan to give you a blowjob and swallow all your disgusting come and you won’t even lick up your own prostate milk?  I’m afraid I need to show you where you’ll be wearing your new collar in the future.”

{Mistress X presses the collar prongs into John’s scrotum under the chastity device.  She presses the button and he screams louder than ever.}

Mistress X:      “There!  And that was only on Level 50.  Are you feeling more cooperative now?”

Author’s Note:

You can make this as drawn out as you like.  Mistress X will keep shocking John’s balls until he agrees to drink the contents of the shower cap.

As an additional humiliation, I suggest that Mistress X spits into the cap several times.

The scene ends with Mistress X holding the shower cap while John licks up the contents.  She is smiling happily.





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