Cruella Movie Script: Scene 3

Scene 3: The Punishment

Author’s Note

This is a classic CP scene, and I’m not going to tell you guys how to do that!  You’re the best at it.

All you need to remember is that Mistress X has received an email from John’s wife that describes his behaviour when he’s been locked in chastity for the past month.  Mistress X can review a few of the things he’s done wrong, and he amasses a set of strokes as punishment.  She then reminds him he’s earned ten extra strokes for cheek and ten more for insolence earlier in the session.  Finally his punishment is doubled for being late.  Obviously you can manipulate these numbers as you see fit.

Perhaps Mistress X fits the shock collar to John’s balls so that she can force him to beg her for each round of punishment.  She should probably remind him what each set is for before she delivers it.

“This is the ten strokes you’re getting for adding too much milk to Susan’s tea.”

“This is the ten strokes for making such a bad job of cleaning her car out.”


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