Four Minutes To Go

A lot of budding erotic authors tend to write short stories.  But I have to admit that’s not my style :-)

However, this is a short scene story that I created a while back.  I hope you enjoy it.


Four Minutes to Go

Steve put his toothbrush back into the mug and walked out of the bathroom.  Jenna was already in bed, finishing the Sudoku puzzle she’d been working on for the past ten minutes.  Steve smiled to himself.  They’d been married for over twenty five years now, and Jenna had recently become obsessed about keeping her brain in shape.

When she saw him emerge from the bathroom she put the puzzle down, took off her reading glasses and switched off her bedside light.  Steve checked the alarm was set and then slipped into bed beside her.  He switched off his light and turned to kiss his wife goodnight.

Instead of leaning in towards him she put her hand on his cheek gently.

“Do you fancy a cuddle?” she whispered.  He could see her teeth shining in the dim light as she smiled.

“Always,” he chuckled.

He turned his head and kissed her hand, then carried on kissing her along her wrist, then her arm and over her chest until his lips found her left nipple.  She sighed as he began to suck gently.  Her hands closed around the back of his head, and stroked his hair as he continued to suckle on her breast.  His left hand stroked her thighs and up to her tummy, deliberately not touching her pussy.  Not yet anyway.  She wouldn’t be ready for that just yet, he thought.

He felt her trying to press her hips into his hand as he continued to stroke her.  She’d be getting wet by now.  Just a few more seconds…

He moved his head down towards her groin, kissing her tummy and thighs, licking gently with his tongue over her soft skin.  He could still smell the soap on her from the shower she’d taken earlier.  Flowery, with a hint of lime.

He rubbed his nose against her mound of pubic hair.  Once again she tried to thrust towards him, but he drew his hand back to tease her.

“Please,” she whispered.

“Are you sure?” he asked.  “Are you ready?”

“God yes, I was thinking about it while you were in the bathroom.  I’m already soaking.”

“Did you play with yourself?” he asked.

She paused.  “A bit,” she admitted shyly.  “Only for a few seconds.  I didn’t come.  It was just to make sure I was in the mood for you.”

He laughed softly.  How ironic, he thought.

She eased her legs apart for him, and he drank in her scent.  Oh yes, she was ready.

She gasped as his tongue flicked lightly against her clit.  He saw her hands go up to her breasts and start to massage them.  She moaned with pleasure and he pressed more firmly, sliding his tongue all the way across her most sensitive spot.  He worked on her for a minute or so, feeling her excitement building under him.  She was breathing more heavily now, and pinching her own nipples.  Then her left arm went up over her head, she turned and pressed her mouth into the soft skin of her upper arm.  That was how she stifled the sound of her orgasm.  She was especially cautious now the kids were in their teens, and very much aware of sex.

Steve eased his fingers into her soaking wet pussy and gently massaged the upper wall of her vagina, searching for the right pressure to apply on her G-spot.

He continued to work with his tongue, and tried to synchronize that motion with his fingers.  Jenna quickly built up for another climax – this one a deeper and more powerful one.  She pressed his head hard into her groin as body shuddered, then went limp.

She was breathing hard as he moved back up to kiss her.  He eased her arms above her head and pinned her down as he kissed her passionately.  She opened her legs and he pressed his groin against her.

“Thank you,” she whispered breathlessly.  “Thank you darling that was lovely.”

He brushed his lips over hers gently.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.  Does that mean you’ll give me the combination?” he asked.

She chuckled softly,  deep in her throat.  “Of course not, silly!  I warned you, if I ever caught you masturbating I’d lock you up.  Well I caught you.  And you’re staying locked up for another…six weeks if I remember correctly.”

“Five weeks and three days,” he corrected her.

“Whatever,” she said, stifling a yawn. She slipped her arms out of his grasp and moved her hands over his chest.  Her fingers gently rubbed against his nipples, causing his cock to strain even more against the chastity device.

“Jenna…darling it’s been over six weeks already!” he whispered desperately.  “Three months of chastity…that sentence was a bit severe don’t you think?  I’ve tried to make it up to you.  I’ve tried so hard.”

“You should have thought of that before you decided to wank off in your office,” she reminded him.  “And it was especially careless to leave those horrible crusty tissues in the bin.  You must have known I’d see them.  Frankly I think you wanted to be caught.”

“I told you I was sorry.  But we hadn’t made love all that week.”

“And who’s fault was that?” she asked.  “You were the one who had a cold.  I’m surprised you felt like wanking at all.  You were so snotty and revolting.”

“Please darling,” he whispered.

She propped herself up on one elbow.

“Steve, I told you this when I locked you up.  If you complain about being in chastity I’ll just increase your sentence.  In fact I think I’m going to extend it by a week because of this whining tonight.  I think it’s the only way you’re going to learn.”

“No Jenna, please!” he said desperately.

“Shh!” she whispered.  “The kids will hear.  One more word from you and it’ll be a month extra.”

Steve closed his mouth tightly.  He didn’t dare say anything more.

“And tomorrow after work you can valet the inside of my car.  It’s filthy.”

He nodded obediently.

She smiled at him in the dim light that filtered through the drapes.

“You know it’s for your own good sweetheart,” she whispered.  “Since you’ve been locked up you’ve been so lovely.  So attentive.  So…obedient.  Don’t start being a pig now.  You’re doing so well.”

She leaned forward and kissed him.  At the same time she pressed her thumbnail into his left nipple firmly until he gasped.

“Perhaps I should tell you one of the numbers,” she whispered.  “Should I do that?  One out of four numbers.  I know you try to guess them when you’re on your own.  If I tell you one number there are only nine hundred and ninety nine possibilities left.  I bet you could get yourself out in a few days of trial and error.”

Steve was breathing heavily now, a combination of the excitement of her touch and the possibility that she’d give him a clue to the combination.  He wasn’t sure if he was allowed to speak yet.

Jenna moved her hand around onto his bottom.  She squeezed his buttocks gently, then slid her finger into his anus.

“I’m going to use the dildo on you again this weekend sweetheart,” she told him.  “You liked that last time, didn’t you?  It made your dick go really hard inside that plastic prison.  I honestly thought you’d burst it open, you were bulging out so much.  And you were dripping like a tap when I did it.  Did you like it sweetheart?  Was it nice?”

He nodded slowly.  Jenna had explained that prolonged captivity in the chastity device would cause the fluid to build up in his prostate unless he was “milked” every week or so.  Initially she’d used her fingers, but the previous weekend she’d shoved a dildo up his backside and used it to milk him for almost half an hour.  It was the first time he’d ever experienced anal penetration.  At first it had been a shock.  Then just plain uncomfortable, and very humiliating.  But after a few minutes, when he’d got used to the feeling, he realised it was rather nice.  It would have been even better if he’d been allowed to become fully erect, outside the chastity device.  But Jenna was determined he should stay locked up except for the times when she cleaned his penis, and then she always tied him up before she released him from chastity in case he refused to be locked up again.

He saw her glance at the clock.

“Look darling,” she said.  “It’s ten past eleven now.  If you can give me another orgasm by eleven fifteen I’ll give you one of the numbers.  I’ll change the combination when we have a cleaning session at the weekend.  But that gives you two days to try to get the other numbers, doesn’t it?”

He nodded eagerly.

“Oops.  Eleven minutes past.  You’d better get on with it, only four minutes to go.”


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