Free Stories

When I first started to create erotic fiction I had no real intention to publish them – either freely on the web, or formally through a publisher.  Then I discovered the Orgasm Denial website, and read some of the stories that website visitors posted.  I began creating my own stories (under the name “spudmachine” on that site), and posting them chapter by chapter.  I’ve re-posted them here, having done a few quick edits and improvements.

The stories generally fall into two categories: Female Domination (Fem Dom) and Male Domination.  All of my stories contain only consensual scenes, and I always try to create storylines that are “realistic”.  In other words I don’t do magical fantasy stories, or summon up an obscure Eastern European state in which women rule, and the female secret police make sure men are kept in permanent chastity.  I’m not mocking these types of story – it’s just that I prefer the challenge of creating more believable fictional situations.