Making Plans for Nigel: Chapter 01

It was a Friday afternoon when Andrea discovered him.  All the pupils had gone home from school and as the deputy headmistress it was her turn this week to make sure none of them had sneaked into one of the store cupboards for a crafty smoke, or perhaps an illicit liaison.

When she opened the door to the large sports store she really didn’t expect to find Mr.Buckley with his trousers around his ankles, pumping furiously on his erect penis.  She quickly glanced around the room – half expecting to find one of the older girls with him, but he was alone.  The look of shock on his face was priceless.  She noticed his mobile phone slip out of his other hand and fall towards the floor.  Luckily it landed on a cardboard box, and not the hard concrete.

“Mrs.Wallace!”  He gasped.  “I’m…er…I’m…”

“Yes Mr.Buckley, I can see what you’re doing!”  Andrea said, coldly.  At school “Wally” Wallace as she was nicknamed could freeze a misbehaving child at twenty paces with her icy glare.  Mr.Buckly was in his first year of teaching at St.Michaels Academy and at twenty four he wasn’t that much older than some of the older pupils here.

“Please…let me just explain,”  he stammered.

Andrea laughed mirthlessly.  “Don’t even try.  Get your clothes back on and finish the lock up inspection on this floor.  I’ll be in my office writing up my report.  Join me when you’re…finished.”

She spat the final word out contemptuously, turned on her heel and strode confidently back to the office she had on the first floor.

What was she going to do?  Sexual misconduct of any kind was so serious for a teacher – especially these days.  If she reported the incident she knew how her headmaster Edward Jenkins – the ex rugby player and staunch Welsh Methodist – would handle it.  He’d bring the police in straight away.  Would a public indecency charge stick?  Probably not.  There were no kids involved – which was strange in itself.  But Buckley would be fired, and without references he’d have no chance of getting another teaching job.

Andrea booted up her PC and logged onto the personnel record file for Nigel Buckley.  She’d actually been his induction supervisor at the school and he’d always seemed such a nice kid.  Keen – very naïve – the older girls had been able to trick him about all the usual things: period pains to be let off sports practice; “I couldn’t do my maths homework sir – I had such a bad headache”.  Andrea smiled fondly as she remembered the long chat the two of them had.  Nigel was so embarrassed about it, and he was anxious to do well.  He came from a very wealthy family, she knew.  Yet he didn’t flaunt it.  Drove a modest little car.  Dressed in high street clothes.  The Omega watch was obviously a treasured possession.  But that was the only outward sign.

Why on Earth had he been wanking in that store room?  For goodness sake, he only lived about ten minutes drive away and it was already past time for him to go home.  And a good looking young man like him should be thinking about a date with his girlfriend…maybe that was it?  Was he so worked up about a date that he felt the need to…relieve himself?

Andrea had been married for over ten years.  Very happy years, until Sam was killed in a car accident.  That was almost five years ago, but the memories were as fresh as ever.  Why hadn’t she started dating again?  It wasn’t like she was stuck for choice.  So many men around her age seemed to be divorced these days looking for a new partner, and Andrea knew she was still sexually desirable.  Part of the problem was how good her relationship with Sam had been.  They’d been so…tuned in to each other’s particular tastes.

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in!”  she said sharply.  Nigel walked in tentatively and stood in front of Andrea’s desk.

She stared him in the eye without saying a word.  After only two seconds he broke her gaze and looked down at his feet in shame.  She remained silent for ten more seconds.  Nigel was actually sweating – she could see the tiny beads breaking out on his forehead.  His hands were trembling slightly.  Andrea felt a familiar tingle of pleasure – it had been so long since she’d had a man at her mercy.  So long since Sam…

“Why, Nigel?”  she asked simply.

He let out a shuddering breath – a sob really.  “I’m so sorry!”  He gasped.  She could see tears dripping from his eyes onto the floor.

“I asked you why,” she repeated, patiently.  “Please have the common courtesy not to waste my time.”  She was using her teacher’s voice – icy calm.

“It’s…it’s embarrassing.”  Nigel muttered.

“It’s extremely embarrassing.”  Andrea agreed.  “Now tell me why.”

“She…she…ordered me to,”  he whispered.

“What did you say?  Speak up!”  Andrea said more forcefully.  Nigel jumped at the sound and seemed to wake up again.

“She ordered me to, Andrea,”  he sobbed.

“It’s ‘Mrs.Wallace’ in this office.  Under these circumstances.”

“Yes, Mrs.Wallace,”  he croaked, still sobbing.

“Who ordered you to do that?”  Andrea asked in a precise tone.  “Was it Clara Parks in Year 12?  Have you got yourself into some kind of…”

“No, Mrs.Wallace!”  Nigel said, shocked by her accusation.  “It wasn’t one of the girls.”  He hesitated.  “Or the boys…I swear!  It’s nothing to do with school.  I’d never…”

“Oh stop blubbering!  You’re not making any sense, Nigel.  Now tell me properly.”

Nigel squeezed his eyes shut, and then seemed to make a decision.  He took a deep breath.

“I…I use a phone service.”  He began.  “It’s like a phone sex line.  It’s complicated, but the girl on the phone ordered me to do something risky…and humiliating.  I can prove it…we can call the number.  Honestly, Mrs.Wallace; it had nothing to do with any of the girls.  I swear!”

Andrea began to understand what was going on.  She knew plenty of men used phone sex lines; and of course that would help to explain the stupid risk Nigel had taken.  The tingle she’d felt earlier came back – but much stronger now.

“Give me your phone,” she ordered.

Nigel handed the phone over.  It was the same brand that Andrea used, so she quickly found the last number dialed.  Sure enough it was a premium rate number.  She smiled as she saw that Nigel had prefixed the number with the code to withhold his caller ID.  She hit redial and looked at Nigel.

“Is this a direct line, or do I need to ask for somebody?”

“Ask for Penny,” he told her.  “Oh, and she knows me as Paul Clark.”  He added.

Andrea got through to “Penny” after a short hold.  She introduced herself – not with her real name of course.  She explained what had happened, and asked “Penny” about her relationship with “Paul”.  As she chatted to the girl she stood up and began to pace slowly around the room.  After a couple of minutes of talking she ended up standing directly in front of Nigel.  He was dripping with sweat now, and tears streaked his face.

“Penny, it’s been so delightful talking with you,” she said, looking Nigel directly in the eye.  “I need to decide how to punish…Paul now.  Do you have any suggestions?”  She paused to listen, then she laughed.  “Oh yes, that’s a good one!  Did you really?  Yes.  Well thanks again.  Bye.”

She handed the phone back to Nigel.  His hand was shaking a lot now.  He slipped the phone into his pocket, and Andrea noticed a bulge in the front of his trousers.

“Are you sexually aroused by this situation, Nigel?” she asked, as coldly as she could.

“Of course not, Mrs.Wallace…”  He began.  Andrea didn’t think it was possible, but he actually managed to flush an even deeper shade of red.

She cut him off by reaching for his crotch and grasping his balls through the chinos.  Nigel gasped and started to double over.  Andrea put her hand on his shoulder to force him upright.

“It certainly feels as though you’re aroused,” she told him.  She squeezed harder until Nigel grunted in pain.  Her face was only inches from his.  A trickle of sweat tumbled from his nose, and his whole body seemed to be trembling now.

“Please…”  he whispered.

Andrea smiled and released his balls.  She walked slowly back around to her side of the desk and sat down.  She picked up a pen and began to make some notes on her pad.  Nigel stood there in silence as the seconds ticked by.  The only sounds in the room were the scratching of her pen on the paper, and the ticking of the clock on the wall.

Andrea had no idea what she was writing.  Her mind was in a whirl.  “Penny” had described how Nigel called her every other day – despite the cost of the service.  Over the course of a month or so he seemed to want to do more and more humiliating things.  For the past week “Penny” had told Nigel to masturbate in various places, and ordered him to stop before he could come.

“It’s called Tease and Denial.”  She told Andrea.  “Of course I don’t really know if he cheats, but with a bloke like that it wouldn’t surprise me if he follows my orders to the letter.  He needs to be dominated, you see.”

Memories of her wonderful time with Sam flooded back to her.  Over the course of their marriage they’d explored that side of their relationship in quite some depth.  It was crazy – this whole situation was turning her on so much!  But Nigel was young enough to be her son for goodness’ sake!  And it was wrong for her to use the disciplinary situation to her advantage.  That would be tantamount to blackmail.  That was the first thing she needed to deal with.

She looked down at the notepad.  It was filled with a meaningless jumble of words she’d used to buy time – and to make Nigel sweat.

“Nigel…”  she began.  “…if I thought for one second that your behavior was a risk to the children at this school…”

“It’s not, Mrs.Wallace, please believe me.”  Nigel sobbed.  “I’ve never even thought about doing anything like that…I never would.  I swear!”

This time he was able to hold her gaze.  The poor boy was distraught, but she knew him well enough to have confidence in what he was saying.  Kinky sex was fine as long as it never, ever overlapped with school.  That was one of Andrea’s cardinal rules.

“What you did today was very stupid, Nigel,” she said quietly.

“Yes, Mrs.Wallace.”

“I think I understand your motivation; and I’m going to trust you when you tell me that it has never, and will never again become involved with the kids at school.  Or any other kids for that matter!”

“Yes, Mrs.Wallace.  I swear.”

Andrea paused again as she stared at Nigel.  “I’m not going to raise this with anyone else, do you understand me, Nigel?”  She told him.  “This sordid little event ends right here, right now.”

Nigel took a step towards the desk.  “Oh God, thank you, Mrs.Wallace.  Thank you!”

“Please stay where you were.  I didn’t tell you to move.”  She ordered.  Nigel quickly stepped back to where he’d been standing.  His erection was very prominent now.  Andrea noticed a dark patch had appeared about where the head of his penis would be.  She knew exactly what that was.

“Nigel.”  She said gently.  “You’re a very attractive young man.  I know you’ve only lived in the area for six months or so, but have you not found a girlfriend yet?”

“It’s complicated, Mrs.Wallace.”  He stammered.

“I know it is, dear.”  Andrea told him.  “You feel the need to submit to a dominant woman.  I get it Nigel.”

Nigel’s frowned.  “You do?  You understand that?  But how?”

“Never mind.”  She said.  “I’m a lot older than you are.  You’d be surprised what I know, and what I feel.”

Andrea stood up again and walked slowly around the desk until she was standing behind Nigel.  She leaned forward so she could whisper in his ear.

“Have you ever actually been with a dominant woman, Nigel?  Or has it just been phone sex?”

Nigel bit his lip.  “J…just on the phone.  I…I’m too embarrassed to…”  He was sobbing again now.

“Shhh…it’s OK.”  Andrea said gently.  “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  It’s just the way you’re wired up.  The older girls can sense it, you know.  The way they take advantage of you in class…it’s affecting your work, dear.”

“Is it?”  Nigel gasped.  “I didn’t know…”

“We keep an eye on first year teachers.”  Andrea whispered.  Her lips were about an inch from Nigel’s ear.  She could smell the musky sweat pouring off his body.  He was terrified, the poor love.  She needed to talk him down or he’d be a mental wreck.

“I can help you, Nigel.”  She whispered.  “If you want me to.”

“H…help me?”  He asked in surprise.  “How?”

“I know a secret about you, and now I want to tell you a secret about me.  That way we’re even, and you never have to worry about me telling on you.”  She said softly.  She walked slowly around in front of Nigel and she lifted his chin gently with the tips of her fingers.  He was only a couple of inches taller than her – but she was wearing her sensible school shoes.  In her five inch heels she’d look down on him.  That would be better, she thought.

“Would you like me to tell you my secret, Nigel?”  she asked him, smiling kindly.

“Y…yes please, Mrs.Wallace,”  he replied, already sounding calmer.

Andrea briefly told him about her marriage, about Sam and how they each discovered that they wanted to be involved in a sub/Dom relationship.

“We tried it with me as the sub at first.”  Andrea explained.  “We knew it wasn’t really working out almost straight away, but I wanted to carry on for a while as a sub so I could understand how it feels.  But then we swapped…and we never went back.”

“You were married for a long time…and I understand that he passed way?”

Andrea smiled sadly.  “Yes…Sam was killed in a car accident almost five years ago.  It was quick so they tell me, and at least he didn’t suffer…but I miss him so much.”

“I’m sorry for your loss, Mrs.Wallace…but you’re so beautiful…why don’t you find somebody else?”

“I could ask you the same thing!  Why don’t you find yourself a nice girl to dominate you, instead of using a sordid telephone sex service!”  As soon as she’d said the words she regretted them, and she saw the impact they’d had on Nigel in his face.

“I’m sorry,” he said quickly.  “That was…insensitive of me, I know.”

Andrea walked back behind her desk and sat down.   She was trying to take slow breaths, and still hadn’t really got an idea of how this situation would pan out.

“Would you pour me a cup of water please, Nigel?” she asked him.

Nigel quickly went over to the water dispenser that was in the corner of the office, filled a cup and brought it to her.  She took a long sip of the water – all the time gazing into Nigel’s eyes.

“You said I was beautiful,” she said flatly.  “What is it about me that you like?”

“I love your bottom,” Nigel said quickly.  It was such a hurried reply that Andrea knew it must be true, and that he’d obviously been thinking about her bottom for a while!  That was an interesting piece of information.

She giggled.  “Oh really?”  She took another sip of water, and it occurred to her that he must be thirsty too.  He’d stopped sweating with fear at least, but she’d noticed him licking his lips several times.

“Go on,” she ordered.

“Well, it’s just…so firm,” he added.  “And I love the way your pencil skirts flow over your buttocks…so tightly.  I watch you walking sometimes Mrs.Wallace; it’s very sexy.”

“I’m sure you’d like to touch my bottom,” she said, feeling another tingle of pleasure as he licked his lips again.  “Or even to kiss it.”

“Yes…please!”  he whispered.  She could hear the need in that final word.

“Anything else?” she asked.

“You have a proper figure – your breasts are just the right size; like Marylyn Monroe – not like the skinny girls these days.”

“OK, I’m sure that’s a compliment,”  Andrea said, smiling.  “Being compared to Marylyn Monroe can’t be bad anyway.”  She paused.  “Take your trousers down.”

“What?”  Nigel gasped.

“You heard me – I do not expect to have to repeat my instructions!”  Andrea said sharply.  She slammed her hand down on the table.  Nigel jumped in fright, and quickly began to unbuckle his belt.

Andrea quickly glanced at her watch; it was just after six.  The cleaners would start in about fifteen minutes, and it wouldn’t do to be caught!

Nigel stood there with his boxers bulging alarmingly.

Andrea sighed with frustration.  “Boxers down too!”

Nigel’s cock was quite a good size, she saw.  At least seven inches, perhaps more.  It was dripping with precum, and she could see his balls seemed to be quite swollen.  Penny had probably been correct that he’d not had an orgasm for several days.

Andrea got up from her chair and moved until she was standing in front of Nigel.  She reached down and brushed her index finger slowly along the length of his throbbing shaft.  He actually whimpered!

“Oh, poor little boy!  When was the last time you were permitted to come?” she asked.  She’d phrased the question carefully.  She wanted to lay the foundations of their relationship right away.

“S…Sunday Mrs.Wallace.”  Nigel said shakily.  He’d started to tremble again, but Andrea didn’t think fright was the reason this time.

Andrea allowed her finger to rub over the tip of his penis, round and round, very gently for several seconds.  Nigel did his best to keep standing straight, but she could see him dipping forward as little spasms of pleasure must have been shooting through him.  Her finger was covered in the clear, sticky liquid, so she raised it up to Nigel’s mouth.

“Clean it!”  she ordered.

Nigel didn’t hesitate.  He opened his mouth and sucked her finger gently, and Andrea almost cried with the pleasure she was feeling; it had been so long for her.  She wanted to tell him to lick her pussy right now – she knew she was dripping wet inside; but it was too soon for that.  She needed to keep Nigel on the edge for longer – a lot longer.  Another glance at her watch.; ten minutes before the cleaners were due, but this was one of the last offices that they’d clean – Andrea often worked late and they knew not to disturb her.  Even so, she wouldn’t take that chance.

She eased her finger out of Nigel’s mouth.  It was moist with his saliva and she made a point of running the tip of her finger over her own lips.  Nigel’s eyes followed it like a hawk.  It was time to wrap this up.

“You will not touch yourself sexually until I give you permission, do you understand me?” she asked.

“Yes Mrs.Wallace.”

“This weekend I want you to write me an essay.  You will write it by hand – don’t use a PC.  I want you to describe your fantasies.  I want you to clearly differentiate between the things you’d like to have done to you, and the things that turn you on, but that you probably couldn’t tolerate.  I want detail Mr.Buckley…I want plenty of detail, do you understand me?”

“Yes Mrs.Wallace,” he stammered.

“You will deliver it to me at six o’clock on Sunday evening.  You’ve been to my house before, so I don’t need to draw a map do I?”

“No, Mrs.Wallace.”

Andrea slid her hand through a gap in Nigel’s shirt.  It was still clammy from his sweaty bout of panic earlier.  She found a nipple and stroked it gently, suppressing a smile as she heard  Nigel groan.

“If you feel the need to make another of those phone calls, I want you to call me this time.  Do you understand?” she asked.

“Yes, Mrs.Wallace.”

“You’re a good boy, Nigel,” she whispered, gently squeezing the nipple between her thumb and finger.  Nigel’s eyes closed.  “I know I can trust you not to play with yourself, can’t I?”

“Yes Mrs.Wallace, I promise I won’t.”

“OK, then,” she said.  “Now pull your trousers up and go home like a good little boy.”  She tightened her grip on his nipple until he moaned in pain, holding her grip for several seconds she looked into his eyes before releasing him.

Nigel quickly pulled up his boxers and his chinos and hurried out of the office.

Andrea sat down again and took another sip of water.  She saw the cleaners’ van arrive on the CCTV window she’d opened on her PC.  Right on time.

Was she doing the right thing?  Nigel was such a lovely boy…really, really lovely.  She wondered what his penis would feel like inside her.  It was rock hard when she’d stroked it just now.  My God, maybe he was still a virgin!  She could feel the wetness between her legs now.  She wanted to take this slowly…very slowly.  If this really was the first time that Nigel had been dominated by a live woman then he would be turned on by every little nuance.  He’d be busy this weekend writing his fantasies down, but Andrea would also be busy with her own plans for Nigel.





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  1. Karen Marie Harris says:


    What a story……so far its enough to keep a person hard and on the edge. (Karen is my computer name) The nice thing about myself, I wear a Feminine pad in my Fem. panties 24/7, so the dripping caused by your story has a place to go . Wouldn’t want wet spots on my pants. Ha! Ha!.

    Seriously looking forward to the next chapter.

    Thank you so much for writing.

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